10 first boots that didn’t deserve to come home


One of the best things about Survivor that’s how unpredictable it is. The first few seasons are pretty primitive by today’s strategic standards. At the time, the weakest member of the tribe was sent home. Usually they weren’t doing their part at camp, or they performed poorly in a recent challenge.

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but modern Survivor remove this thought. It’s a lot more strategic, but also a lot more luck-based. Sometimes good players come home very early, usually through bad luck or simply because they overplayed a hand. Some early shoes didn’t deserve to come home because they showed incredible promise as a player.

11 Eric Abraham

Eric Abraham gives a confessional interview on Survivor 41.

Eric Abraham was the first person to vote Survivor 41. Her biggest crime was criticizing Tiffany Seely, as Abraham believed she had fallen short in the opening challenge. Unfortunately for him, Tiffany played a stronger social game and made more friends, so the tribe targeted Abraham in response.

He didn’t necessarily deserve to go home. He was technically correct in calling Tiffany’s early exit from the challenge, and if it was a slightly larger tribe (or if there were two, to begin with), there’s a good chance that ‘Abraham stayed, if only for his physical prowess.

ten Jonathan Libby & Wanda Shirk

Jonathan Libby and Wanda Shirk from Palau were just the recipients of bad luck. Palau is one of the best seasons of Survivor, but it contains a very bizarre first half. The choice of opening the schoolyard dictated the last woman and the last man chosen would be eliminated.

In this case, it was Libby and Shirk. It’s a shame for them because they couldn’t even play the game. Instead, they were eliminated through no fault of their own, and they certainly should have been welcomed again for some sort of second chance.

9 Francesca hogi

Francesca Hogi takes a serious look at Survivor: Caramoan Tribal Council

Francesca Hogi was the first person eliminated from Redemption Island. Sadly, she came into direct contact with controversial player Phillip Sheppard. A lot of people didn’t like Sheppard, and many confronted him with his annoying personality (including Brandon Hantz, which led to a Survivor moment).

Francesca was playing a good game, but she was ultimately betrayed by Phillip and targeted for her alliance with immunity idol bearer Kristina Kell. If she hadn’t been betrayed, who knows how she would have ended up.

8 Tina Scheer

Survivor's Tina Scheer pointing her finger

Tina Scheer from Island of exile was ultimately undone by its own lack of a filter. Tina was a fantastic survivor and she single-handedly built a camp for her Casaya tribe. She built both the bonfire and the shelter, and then captured a fish that had washed up on the shore.

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Sadly, she wasn’t afraid to confront her tribe mates about their poor work ethic, and she was fired as a result. It is obvious that Tina was a very strong physical player, and her talents around the camp should have guaranteed her at least one more week.

7 Sonja christophe

Sonja smiling at the camera in Survivor

Sonja Christopher has the distinction of being the first person to have been excluded Survivor. Sadly, this came at a time when a simple mistake spelled ruin. Sonja seemed like a great player: she was friendly, she got along well with everyone and she seemed happy to be on the island.

However, she stumbled during the first immunity challenge, which caused her tribe to reject her. It’s pretty difficult when a simple trip can be the difference between safety and elimination, and in Sonja’s case, it was just a stroke of bad luck.

6 Amber Mariano

Survivor Boston Rob proposes to Amber

Someone was to be the first start of Winners in the war. Unfortunately, this distinction fell on Amber Mariano. But the point is, Amber didn’t do anything to deserve her elimination other than being Boston Rob’s wife. Sandra Diaz-Twine wanted to cripple Rob, so she decided to target Amber instead.

Maybe it was personal, and maybe she didn’t want another powerful Rob-Amber alliance in the vein of All stars. Regardless, Amber was rejected simply for her personal connection to another player in the game.

5 Jonny fairplay

Jonny fairplay

Jonny Fairplay is one of the most notorious villains of Survivor the story. After a legendary performance on Pearl Islands, Jonny was invited to return for Micronesia. Unfortunately, fans of Pearl Islands were immediately disappointed by its tragically premature exit.

Jonny’s heart was clearly not in his return visit, and he asked the tribe to reject him. According to Fairplay himself, he was missing his future girlfriend at home. There was nothing wrong with his game: life just got in the way and it cost him another blow.

4 Ciera Eastin

ciera eastin on survivor

Ciera Eastin has become a fan favorite on Blood against water and came back two more times, with Game changers being his last. Unfortunately, that would also prove by far his worst performance. Unfortunately, Ciera played way too hard, too fast, and it cost her the game.

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His fellow tribesmen did not trust him and they saw his constant shenanigans as a threat. It was a fair decision on the part of his fellow tribesmen, but no one should ever blame a Survivor player who is excited and enthusiastic about the game.

3 Nadiya Anderson

Anderson sisters watch baby on Survivor

San Juan del Sur had very nice bookends. Nadiya Anderson was the first candidate to be rejected and her twin sister, Natalie, was the winner. The two had competed on Fantastic race before appearing on Survivor, and that’s exactly what cost Nadiya the game.

Make one of the most memorable teams in Amazing race, the Anderson sisters were seen as a credible threat by other players in San Juan del Sur, and they had to be separated. As such, Nadiya was screened out only for her appearance on another reality show.

2 Darnell hamilton

Darnell in the water in Survivor

Like Sonja Christopher, Darnell Hamilton made a crucial mistake and it cost him the game. The first start of Kaoh rong, Darnell dropped his team’s glasses during the first immunity challenge, forcing them to complete the task with water in their eyes.

He was then targeted for the error and was rejected in a new vote. This takes us back to the old school of Survivor when people were elected for simple mistakes, rather than a legitimate strategic or physical threat. If given a second chance, Hamilton could go a long way.

1 Morris Chicken

Chicken on Survivor China

Morris Chicken China is known for two main things: its unique name and for shouting “DAYUM!” as soon as it is eliminated. But all jokes aside, Chicken was actually a pretty strong player. He performed well at camp and immediately assumed a leadership position, but was deemed too bossy. After some criticism, however, he took a more laid back approach.

Sadly, he went too far into laid back territory and simply refused to comment on anything. This only further angered his fellow tribesmen, and he was quickly dismissed for being boring.

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