16 best kids’ sneakers under $ 25 at Walmart


You won’t have to compromise on style for shoes that fit your budget.

As we start shopping for back to school, we’re faced with this old dilemma: How do you justify spending money on clothes and shoes that they’re going to push or destroy in a few months? Fortunately, we don’t have to face that problem this year when it comes to sneakers for girls and boys. Among the many cute and functional kids’ sneakers available at Walmart right now, we’ve found plenty that will suit a tight budget.

We never want to compromise on quality when it comes to children’s shoes. There are cheap sneakers for boys and girls that will pinch in the wrong places, not support those active feet, and crumble after a few laps on the playground. Plus, we know how picky kids can be about what they put on their feet. If they’re the wrong color, lacking in sparkle, or don’t represent a favorite character, you may end up with a battle when it’s time to go out. And so often, finding durable sneakers that kids love means handing over more money.

This is not the case in the case of those sneakers that we found on the virtual shelves of Walmart. The prices are sometimes ridiculously low (as little as $ 8), while the designer styles will appeal to even the most fashion-conscious boys and girls. And according to customer reviews, these sneakers will stand the test of gyms, recreations, sidewalks and courts.

Buy these kids’ sneakers now, and you’ll have more time to daydream about the day you take those first day of school photos and send them off for the day.

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