4 classic 70s Tanglewood concerts (videos)


As mentioned in previous articles, Berkshire County has something for everyone. Hence, the reason why we have a large number of people who move here from other areas or become secondary owners. Once you’ve tasted the Berkshires, you won’t want to give them up. The county of Berkshire becomes a dependency and for good reason.

We enjoy the serenity and relaxation. The overcrowded conditions of the big city are not a problem here and yet there is still a lot to do. Between all the summer and fall festivals (at least a year without covid), art gatherings and live music, the Berkshires are the place to be. If you love snow then you definitely want to be here in the winter as we have endless skiing and snowboarding possibilities.

Let’s go back to the live music aspect of Berkshire County. There is a plethora of local bands that you can check out any weekend. Again, these might be a bit slimmer choices right now, but we’re talking broadly speaking. In addition to this, many famous groups performed in the towns of the Berkshires.

When you think of live music in County Berkshire, one of the first places that comes to mind is Tanglewood. When you think of Tanglewood, you think of artists like James Taylor, the Boston Symphony Orchestra (the venue has been home to the band since 1937), and Yo-Yo Ma. Every now and then I’ll hear people say I remember seeing The Who at Tanglewood in the 70’s. I thought it would be fun to see if we could relive some of the classic bands that played at Tanglewood in the 70’s and voila, we’re in luck. Below you’ll find 4 videos from some legendary bands that have performed in Tanglewood including Jethro Tull, Santana, Chicago and The Who. Let’s sit back, relax (or if you’re like me, relax) and enjoy a trip down memory lane. Did you attend any of these concerts?

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