6 most overhyped shoes ever

The sneaker culture in the United States, and indeed around the world, has really exploded lately. One of the guys who benefited the most from this explosion is Qias Omar, as his sneaker-centric and sneaker culture-focused YouTube channel has grown over 1.4 million subscribers. As Omar gained more and more attention on the internet, he decided to pursue a career in selling sneakers. He connected with Dillon Dropz, as they opened Off The Bench. OTB is a new sneaker store in San Diego, California that officially opened on December 5th. Nikki Goel of Clutch Points sat down with the couple to discuss a variety of topics related to their store and sneaker culture in general.

One of the major discussions on this topic concerns overrated shoes. Some sneakers get a lot of publicity and general hype, even if they aren’t really well received when released. As they are both heavily invested in this area, Dillon and Omar have decided to weigh in with their two cents. Dillon was the first to respond and said, “Yeezy Foam Runners I’m not a fan of. Let’s see… probably overrated the Jordan 1 Mids are a bit overrated now, the Nike Dunk Lows are a bit overrated shoes right now.

Of course, the Yeezy Foam Runners were released in June 2020 in the US, with the retail price being $ 75. In Yeezy’s standard way, they were complete, but the reviews weren’t in unison. Some have even ridiculed its unusual design, making it a bit of a meme. As for the other shoes mentioned, the Jordan 1 Mids are quite popular, but they fall far short of the iconic status of the originals Hi and Lo Jordan.

After his business partner intervened, it was Omar who added three more shoes to the list of overrated shoes: “I’m not really a big Dunk guy, so I’ll say the Dunks are a bit overrated. I have a few pairs but Dunks, Chuck Taylors because they are very uncomfortable. I’m a guy from Vans, so Vans on Chucks. And the Storms of Revenge… I don’t know if I’m a fan of everything, so I can pick three.

When it comes to Omar’s selections, the Vans vs.Chuck Taylors debate has been going on for decades now. It’s clear that Omar chooses Vans’ side, and many in the world will agree with him on that. He also mentions the Dunks, which doesn’t seem to bode well for the pair of owners here, as they were also included in the roster by Dillon.

The Revenge Storms are shoes first released by rapper and stylist Ian Connor in 2017. Upon release, they received heavy criticism from some for their high price tag, and although they were incredibly popular, they are still the subject of controversy to this day. Needless to say, there are a lot of oversized shoes out there.

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