8 great Android games you can play on PC in 2022

Whether you need to kill time while waiting in line or on your commute, not too long ago mobile games were just the perfect distractions. Most of these games required minimal input, providing challenging primary gameplay loops. Today we have innovative versions of existing genres through constant refinement. Companies are even finding ways to optimize performance to create some of the best phones for mobile gaming.


Graphical fidelity for mobile games has shifted to PC quality, and gameplay complexity has given us amazing games you can play right now. In fact, it was only a matter of time before mobile games moved to the PC. So if you are a fan of great Android games, you will love PC mobile games. Sky is the limit!

1. Punch Club

This 2D brawler follows an aspiring Rocky movie-style martial artist from the 80s, except there are no workout montages; you have to inflate the old fashioned way. Punch Club’s gameplay features life-simulation RPG mechanics such as eating healthy and exercising regularly to train your character as a martial artist. Brawls take place in various pixel art streets and arenas which look great on Android and even better on PC.

Combat features a usable and punishing 2D brawler, using your equipped special moves to gain an edge in combat. RPG gameplay lends a unique banality to the idea of ​​street combat. The game converts the less exciting aspects of this type of story, such as money, food and jobs, into engaging gameplay. If intense RPG gameplay is up your street, Punch Club (on Steam) is a solid contender to keep you happy, provided you never tire of the 80s pop culture references.

2. Downstream

Downwell is an energetic rogue-lite that sports an Undertale-esque black and white palette and immediately throws you down a pit. Players are tasked with descending at all costs, blasting rocks and enemies to pieces with unorthodox but highly effective gun shoes. The gameplay is simple in the best way; your weapons explode downward with satisfying percussion and brutal efficiency. Plus, everything below you probably deserves it. As you descend you will find side caves containing random buffs, from health boosts to increased firepower, after which he is back in the fray.

Downwell (on Steam) focuses on engaging gameplay rather than storytelling, ensuring that going down is inherently satisfying, which reinforces the game’s destructive charm. The random leveling system provides significant replay value, and the PC version allows tighter controls for your races. Put it all together, and you get an experience that definitely goes down good good.

3. Hitman GO: Definitive Edition

Given the Hitman franchise’s reputation for punishing stealth gameplay and gun-toting action, the main loop of Hitman GO Definitive Edition (on Steam) might surprise you. Players control an Agent 47 figure on a game board, tasked with eliminating everyone else on the board. The Monopoly aesthetic is very disarming if one knows the series, but oddly, the core elements of classic Hitman gameplay remain unchanged.

Since you’re supposed to kill without being spotted, you need to be strategic about who you kill first. Your targets are chess pieces that don’t move unless prompted. So the task is to plan the best route around the board, removing the targets one by one. It gets weirdly engaging and highlights just how fun Hitman gameplay can be when stripped down to the essentials.

4. Riptide: GP Renegade

It’s a game that necessary be on PC. Riptide GP Renegade (on Steam) is a third-person jet ski racer set in an intriguing futuristic setting. The plot is less engaging than the gameplay, unsurprisingly. You will spend most of your time speeding through urban environments and reliving that first time you played on a racing arcade machine. Races allow you to ride on water and perform tricks for a higher score, with parts customization options to maximize your vehicle’s speed, handling and style.

Considering the game’s frequent tight turns, the PC upgrade is a huge improvement for the bigger screen. The game already looks fantastic on Android, and the PC only makes it better. If racing games are your thing, Riptide GP Renegade cuts no corners.

5. Level head

If you’re in the mood for a fun, fast-paced puzzle platformer, Levelhead (on Steam) fits the bill. Players must deliver packages as part of a test exercise for a prototype robot designed for a galaxy-wide postal service. The movement and combat mechanics are attractively smooth and elegant, bouncing off enemy heads Mario-style while exploring colorful alien worlds. The puzzle mechanics centralize around your deck, using it to weigh down switches and as a platform, and even attack enemies. I hope there’s nothing flimsy about it.

The game also features an in-depth level creator and editor, allowing players to post their own levels and play others, in addition to a tower mode that provides greater challenge. If you’re looking for something to fill the Super Meat Boy hole in your life, Levelhead has it for you. Literally.

6. Scourgebringer

A fun and challenging Metroidvania that marries the genre’s traditional exploratory gameplay with a rogue-like twist. The player embodies the ScourgeBringer (on Steam), a hero investigating inside a relic that has fallen to earth. You will explore the different biomes and slash enemies. Combat uses aggressive and stylish sword combos while using gunplay. The best of both worlds.

The rogue-like elements clash slightly with Metroidvania’s level design, encouraging the player to blast through to the end. Health is easily lost and regained infrequently to discourage deep exploration. But if Blasphemous won you over with its punishing gameplay, ScourgeBringer will scratch the same itch.

7. Over There: Omega

If you’ve ever played FTL: Faster than Light, Out There: Omega (on Steam) will feel very familiar. The gameplay, end goal and tone are more or less the same. You are lost in space and must travel across the galaxy, extract fuel and other resources to survive. The biggest difference between the two is the graphics quality. Out There: Omega features stunning backdrops for the various planets you explore and the beauty of deep space.

The defining mechanic of Out There: Omega is the role-playing aspect. Each race is random and events may unfold differently each time. While this game is perfect for mobile given its simplicity, the PC port allows for a more laid-back experience. For a low-fi resource management experience and atmospheric test of judgment, Out There: Omega is a no-brainer.

8. Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact (on Steam) is a fantastic open-world JRPG with gameplay straight out of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. Genshin Impact’s story is, again, extremely important. The protagonist wakes up in the world and is tasked with rescuing his twin. But like Zelda: Breath of the Wild, the main quest is helpless in the face of worldwide mayhem.

The game world, Teyvat, is huge and breathtaking, filled to the brim with puzzles and collectibles to reward curiosity and exploration. Combat is a real-time system focused on switching between four different characters, each with their own attacking elements against a lavish buffet of enemies. These elements can interact with each other if used together, encouraging experimentation. If you want to explore a beautiful and captivating world, try Genshin Impact. You know what they say, you can never explore too many open worlds.

A new era of mobile gaming evolution

These are just a few of the phenomenal mobile games now on PC. All you have to do is pick your genre and liven up your Steam library with an innovative mobile gaming twist. Both platforms are courting innovation not only in aesthetics, but also in genre representation.

If you like anime, for example, there are a ton of great Android anime games playable on PC. All you have to do is pick your genre and liven up your Steam library with an innovative mobile gaming twist.

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