8 Tips People in Vancouver Gave to an American Who Moved to Town

A person who moved from sunny California to Vancouver finds the move a bit tricky – and she’s looking to locals for help.

They took to the Vancouver Reddit page for tips on moving to the city and life hacks locals could give.

Luckily for the person, people had some wise words about what you need to know about moving to Vancouver.

After living in California for eight years, it’s no surprise they needed a few tips to adjust to Canadian life.

Get that rain gear

A popular theme for advice was quality rain gear.

One user said, “Get a good breathable raincoat that’s roomy enough for the layers underneath and waterproof/water-resistant shoes. It lets you go out all year round, which improves your mood.”

There were also some warnings about how to deal with the lack of sun.

Another user added that “instead of seeing it as a negative, try to think of it as a blessing, clean air, beautiful mountains etc., do NOT let the rain get to you or you will lose your mind.”

Be touristy

“Spend your weekends like a tourist when you can – cycle the seawall, hike the North Rim Mountains, attend events/shows/festivals if you can afford it, visit parks, explore new neighborhoods. It will help you remember why you live here,” said one user.

There’s nothing like being a tourist in your new home to remind you why you moved there.

Get an opinion on the Canucks

One user said, “Don’t get too emotionally invested in the Canucks’ success.”

There was a bit of a debate afterwards about this.

Take-out? Know who the Canucks are and what side you’re on.

Make the most of summer

Summer is when BC thrives and what makes it worth living here.

“Make sure you get out there and hike, bike, camp, beach, jog, drink on patios, barbecue, golf, etc. every goddamn day the sun comes out. rises from May to September before the impending six months of winter darkness and rain returns,” one user suggested.

Get a bike

Vancouver is teeming with bikers, rain or shine. Also, there is no snow so it is all year round (until recently).

“Get a bike. The infrastructure in Vancouver is great, it’s fun and obviously you save a lot of money compared to driving,” said one user.

Buy ski passes early

If you want to get a head start on epic skiing near Vancouver, get this early bird pass.

One user said that “if you plan to ski/surf next winter, buy your passes now at the best prices”.

make friends

There’s nothing like making good friends, but moving to a new place can be difficult.

One user said “go to the nearest community center and check out the classes of things you are interested in and make friends there. Volunteer at the nearest community center if you can. That’s a good center to learn about local events.”

Don’t drive downtown

With downtown, comes traffic.

Some people have suggested that it’s best not to.

“Never drive downtown. Park somewhere nearby and work out or ride a bike,” as the user put it.

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