adidas Nizza Parley Review – Classic Sneaker With A Modern Design

Since announcing its partnership with Parley in 2015, adidas has pushed the concept of creating more sustainable products for its customers. A few months ago, the brand announced its latest collaboration with the recycling company with its Made for Tomorrow pack. The adidas Nizza Parley was one of the sneakers born out of the collaboration.

The brand’s offering to causes is characterized by two key aspects of the manufacturing process – the use of recycled (or partially recycled) materials as well as being much more environmentally friendly in manufacturing (a not towards carbon neutrality). Although we are still far from these two facets reaching 100% completeness, the brand still continues to push the limits with a few of its creations.

Design and build

We’ve seen in previous reviews that adidas is still able to maintain its design aesthetic on some of its most important lines, including the classic Ultraboost and Stan Smith sneakers, despite its push towards using materials with more of recycled elements or the modification of manufacturing processes. The Nizza Parley follows form, in this regard, offering new processes and technologies, while producing a beautiful sneaker for consumers.

As with the rest of the Made for Tomorrow pack, the adidas Nizza Parley is based on a classic silhouette from the brand’s archives. The Nizza is a sneaker originally released in the 70s. As you can bet, along with many similar classics, the Nizza was a court-based sneaker that featured heavily in the basketball arena. It is presented in hi-top and low-cut versions. That being said, this variant is only loosely based on the concept, retaining its original shape but stripping out a bit of everything else.

For a sneaker that features an all-white upper and midsole in a seemingly minimalist design, there are plenty of subtleties when looking closer at the details. For starters, it features a mix of materials. The textile upper features a construction heavily influenced by Parley lace materials. This includes a mix of recycled materials – although we’ll discuss that later in the review. The one area that feels more conventional is the suede toe cap. While it doesn’t quite blend in with the rest of the sneaker, it does add a nice touch to round out the material list.

Where the design gets more technical, the details are in the overlays and their seams. There are about four different overlays that stack from the heel to the front, with the toe in the front technically being the fifth overlay. Each of them has a different texture, creating a cascading appearance. As for the stitching, while it lines up with the edges of each overlay, it also goes beyond that. The most pronounced point is that of the three-stripe logo on the lateral and medial sides. This seam section spans two of the overlays to create the effect.

According to the adidas website, the redesigned Nizza features a BOOST midsole. However, it is not something that can be checked on appearance unless you are ready to open it. The sneaker is covered with a rubber outsole. The rubber material has a patterned finish. This is presented in two versions, with a wavy pattern on the sides around the entire sneaker and a wavy pattern underneath.

Simplicity and complexity overlap with the adidas Niza Parley. Overall, the design elements are excellent, while presenting an understated appearance until you get closer to see the details.

adidas Nizza Parley Review - Classic Sneaker With A Modern Design


In terms of comfort, the adidas Nizza Parley offers a bit of a mixed bag. When you first put the sneakers on, they feel relatively comfortable. There is enough padding inside, especially around the collar area. This gives your foot a comfortable non-slip feeling. The foot is perfectly cushioned inside the sneaker. In addition to padding, it also has a very soft insole. The insole, however, is not removable, so not as easy to wash whenever you want.

As mentioned earlier, the midsole features adidas’ BOOST material. This means that it must provide sufficient rebound and energy return with each step. However, it doesn’t really come into play when surrounded by a durable rubber outsole. The issue I had in terms of comfort with the Nizza is its weight – most of it coming from the heel area. The heel itself feels more pronounced than conventional sneakers, so it’s no surprise that it’s heavier in that area.

After spending about five hours running errands, I could feel my heels starting to ache. This was important when the heel had to be lifted during the gate cycle, which is not uncommon for runners. The problem may also stem from a sturdy rubber outsole, which does not have much flexibility, as well as an almost straight bed. There is no assisted toe and so on, requiring the wearer to do most of the work themselves.

adidas Nizza Parley Performance and quality

The adidas Nizza Parley definitely has the quality aspect nailed. With a mix of recycled materials at the forefront, construction is a key aspect of design and construction. This means that adidas and Parley would not release a product that could compromise the image of its next-generation sneakers. And that quality shines through in the construction. It feels sturdy and durable and adds a layer of comfort.

As for the materials used in manufacturing, in partnership with Parley, there are a number of recycled plastics used in its creation. adidas claims that 50% of the materials used Parley Ocean Plastic with the remaining 50% made from a more conventional, but still impressive recycled polyester.

There has been quite a bit of controversy in recent months regarding the use of recycled ocean plastic. The process of reusing plastics that have ended up in the sea, be it nets, bottles and everything in between, the process of recycling these is exponentially more difficult than plastics collected near the oceans on the waterfront – so-called “ocean-bound” plastic. It is the latter that Parley and adidas use in their manufacturing process when recycling plastics. Whatever its origin, it’s a much-needed addition to the fashion world – modern solutions to historic problems. All of this directs its future goals towards a 100% recycled material product and carbon neutral manufacturing by 2050.

As mentioned, the sneaker features an all-white aesthetic. This means that in its ready to use state it can easily pick up dirt which is also easily visible. With my luck with the white sneakers, as soon as they come out of the box, they’ll pick up a scuff out of nowhere without you even realizing it. And that’s precisely what happened when you first wore the adidas Nizza Parley. Within minutes I noticed a stain on the outsole. And with the wavy pattern, it wasn’t that easy to clean, as you had to go between the textured finish. Make sure you have a protective spray on before you wear them for the first time, which can help a bit.

Final thoughts on the adidas Nizza Parley

The adidas Nizza Parley is a very nice sneaker. If you love the all-white aesthetic and clean lines, then this will definitely be up your alley. With its classic look and modernized underlying materials and manufacturing processes, the sneaker is street-ready today. It can be a little tired when it comes to long periods of walking, especially at first, but it will subside over time.

Considering its newly created processes and materials, it has a small price tag. The sneaker sells for R2,799. It’s not completely extreme, but it’s high compared to more conventional classic sneakers, from adidas themselves too. That being said, it’s not just a remake of the Nizza silhouette with new materials, it features an overhauled design with plenty of detail.

The adidas Nizza Parley is available online at, as well as at select adidas stores and retail partners nationwide.

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adidas Nizza Parley


  • Recycled plastic materials
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  • Internal cushioning


  • Can get a bit heavy after a few hours
  • Gets dirty quite easily

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