Adult webcam site offers platform to stream Comic-Con


Adult-oriented website CamSoda is offering their platform to stream a Comic Con following the cancellation of SDCC 2020.

When the news that Comic-Con 2020 would be canceled due to the first case of the coronavirus, fan disappointment was immeasurable and noticeable. In fact, it was so obvious that now an adult webcam site has sent a letter to the scam organizers offering to host a live broadcast of the event.

The site, called CamSoda, writes in the letter that they are “dedicated to helping those affected by the pandemic in any way possible, and we hate to see this iconic annual celebration of pop culture be called off.” The solution to this is obvious, at least for them: just broadcast the event on their site.

The company has apparently launched a new free service, called CamSodaLive, which would allow artists like musicians and comedians to perform, since their typical venues are now closed. They also add that they have put in place a “robust infrastructure” that would allow a transparent organization of this event, despite its massive scale, even keeping it on track for its usual schedule this summer.

Comic-Con organizers have yet to respond to the offer, but we look forward to hearing what they think of the idea. Comic-Con 2020 hosted by an adult webcam site would really be a sight to see (from the safety and comfort of our homes).

Source: CamSoda

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