Alberta Provincial Police replace RCMP with more boots in the field, report says


An organized crime investigation by the Surrey RCMP led to the seizure of “tens of thousands of potentially fatal doses of fentanyl”.

The Drug Unit began its investigation in the spring of 2021, targeting a drug trafficking ring linked to the Lower Mainland gang conflict. As a result, three sites of interest were identified, all located in the Whalley area.

Search warrants were obtained by the Surrey RCMP Drug Unit for each location and, in concert with the Gang Enforcement Team, were executed in rapid succession, leading to the arrest of two men.

Both men were then released, pending prosecution approval.

The items seized during the searches include:

• 2.5 kilograms of bulk fentanyl;

• ½ kilogram of cocaine;

• 250 grams of benzodiazepine tranquilizers;

• Prefabricated vendor bags containing an assortment of street drugs;

• Several kilograms of various polishing agents and accessories for mixing, cutting and packaging drugs;

• Mobile phones;

• Approximately $ 14,000 in cash;

• A Rolex watch valued at $ 48,000; and

• Ammunition.

“This drug seizure is significant because not only has it disrupted a drug trafficking ring linked to the Lower Mainland gang conflict, but there are now 25,000 potentially fatal doses of fentanyl on our streets,” said Sgt. Staff Glenn Leeson of the Surrey RCMP Drug Unit.

“The Surrey RCMP are committed to targeting, investigating and obtaining evidence to support charges against those who pose the greatest risk to our community. “

Despite the relentless cycle of arrest and release of low to mid-level traffickers in Metro Vancouver, drug users continue to use with little interruption calling into question the effectiveness of British Columbia’s drug policies .

There were a total of 1,734 fatal overdoses for all of 2020, a record high according to the BC Coroners Service. The province is on track for another record year, with 1,204 drug overdose deaths in the first seven months.

British Columbia Coroners Service

Even when the police do manage to infiltrate the upper echelons of the black market hierarchies, the overall impact they have on the distribution of illicit drugs is tiny – the result being nothing more than a violent vacuum of power.

“If I eliminate the president of IBM or Apple… or if Steve Jobs dies, what happens? Nothing. It’s like mercury, it disperses. But eventually, it begins to freeze and reform, ”a former RCMP investigator told CFSEU. Western standard.

“We took out the leader of the United Nations gang but they are still there. “

Reid Small is a British Columbia correspondent for the Western Standard
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