Aldi is selling $50 Ugg boots, but you better get in quick for this special buy

Run, don’t walk, people! Aldi is selling super cheap Ugg boots and they’re flying off the shelves.

As the colder months approach, there’s nothing better than keeping your feet warm and toasty in a pair of Uggs. But it’s even better when you can buy them at a bargain price.

Aldi customers are flocking to stores to pick up this special winter buy. Photo: Aldi

Aldi’s latest special buys that send shoppers on a ride are the UGG Slipper Boots available in stores.

The boots are made from genuine Australian sheepskin and are versatile meaning they can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Being water resistant and having temperature regulating properties, the boots are perfect for camping or just lounging around the house.

They are available in two colors, Chestnut or Chocolate, and are available in women’s sizes 37 to 40 and men’s 40 to 45.

But if you want to snag a pair, you better get in quick. Shoppers are already excited about the popular boots selling for the “bargain” price of $49.99.


‘Such a bargain!’

“Good buy, they will sell out fast,” one person commented about the special buy on Aldi’s Facebook page.

“These will fly out the door!!” added another.

“Is there anything Aldi doesn’t have?” commented a third.

Meanwhile, others who have purchased a pair of UGG branded boots before said they were worth the money.

“It’s a fabulous brand. I have this brand and my kids too now. Well done Aldi,” one customer commented.

“These are great boots,” wrote another.

Aldi customer (seen from the waist down) browsing the Special Buys section in store

There’s always an interesting find in Aldi’s Special Buys section. Photo: Getty Images

But not everyone is happy

While most thought the special buy was a steal, others weren’t so happy to see them in stores, pointing out that they’re not made in Australia.

“Keep in mind that the UGG brand was stolen by an American company and won court to have it taken away from the original Australian man who invented them,” one person wrote.

“He now had to rename Australians ORIGINAL UGG and not just UGG.”

“This company is destroying Australian UGG businesses. Made in China,” another added.

“Made in China peeps, just for those who think ‘Australian Sheepskin’ means it was made here, it’s not,” a third warned.

If it’s Australian made boots you’re looking for, others said it might be worth holding the special buy and shopping around for Australian alternatives.

Aldi has also warned customers that there may be shipping delays affecting some special purchases. You can find out more about stock levels in your state at

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