American Airlines puts family off flight because toddler with asthma cannot tolerate mask


Family of toddler with asthma say they were taken off an American Airlines flight and questioned by three police officers on Sunday, September 13 because their child could not tolerate wearing a face mask despite mum Amanda’s best attempts Pendarvis to keep the mask on his son.

Amanda was traveling with her two-year-old son Waylon and his mother on an American Airlines flight from Dallas to Colorado Springs for a family vacation when a flight attendant noticed Waylon was having difficulty wearing his face mask.

In a series of posts about Amanda’s story on Instagram, she describes how the “truly evil and power-controlled” flight attendant turned the plane around so the family could be. escorted out of the plane by the police who were waiting for the plane at the gate.

“I didn’t refuse a mask and I didn’t even say that I wouldn’t try to keep a mask on my son. We were escorted off the plane as I held a mask over her tiny face, ”Amanda explained in an article accompanied by a video of her trying to console her upset son while making him wear a face mask. “I really have no words,” the message continues.

American Airlines flight AA1284 from Dallas to Colorado Springs was taxiing to the departure runway when the incident occurred. The flight was delayed for nearly an hour after the crew returned to the boarding gate and arranged for Amanda and her son to be removed from the plane.

American Airlines confirmed that a mask incident took place on the flight, but a spokesperson said the family disembarked on request and were greeted by customer service representatives who booked them on a subsequent flight with any other incident.

“Initial reports indicate that the party refused to comply with crewmembers’ instructions to remain seated and wear a face mask safely over their nose and mouth,” said a statement from American Airlines.

“After agreeing to meet federal face covering requirements, everyone was booked for the next flight to Colorado Springs (COS). “

This is far from the first time that the federal mask mandate has come under scrutiny to require toddlers to wear face coverings. Several similar incidents have occurred on Southwest Airlines, but the carrier says it must uphold the mandate as drafted.

“We value the continued cooperation between our customers as we work, collectively, to follow the federal mandate of masks and support the comfort and well-being of all who travel with us during the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic,” Southwest said following an incident in July when a family was kicked out of a flight after their three-year-old had a face mask fit.

The warrant requires all public transport passengers aged two and over to wear a face mask, unless they eat or drink, or because a disability prevents them from wearing a face cover. American Airlines requires passengers to apply for a disability exemption prior to travel.

The Biden administration’s mask mandate is at odds with much of Europe and the UK where the minimum age for public transport mask mandates is 11. The World Health Organization (WHO) expressly advises against forcing children five and under to wear a mask.

As a growing number of countries including the UK, Denmark and the Netherlands repeal rules for face masks for children, the US federal mandate for masks was recently extended until January 18, 2022 .

Amanda admits it was Waylon’s first time wearing a mask but says she did her best to comply with the warrant.

Last November, the American Airlines Flight Attendant Union said its members were suffering from “application fatigue” while trying to comply with the face mask mandate.

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