Best new for men this week, December 17, 2021


I just drank a large amount of DayQuil, hoping that this feeling in my throat, which feels like just being scratched by an alley cat, will go away before the official start of the vacation. I don’t intend to travel too far, but I don’t want to stay locked inside either. Of course, I’m going to wear a mask and socialize, but the thought of staying home for another year gives me anxiety. It will not arrive.

I plan on doing some hikes as the city is warmer than it has ever been in winter. And Adidas has exactly what I need for those long hikes. I also have a friend who bought a house in Nyack (of all places), after decades as an uncompromising New Yorker, and I plan to bring a Banda bag, Carhartt WIP x Bodega chore coat and Clarks x Sweet Chick boots for the train ride. Indeed, all of them look pretty good to eat, especially the boots, which are said to resemble chicken and waffles. Finally, a friend of mine just spent a week in Aspen, skiing and, you know … doing winter stuff. I’m really bad at hitting the slopes, but I sure look like a pro in a Prada and Aspenx jacket.

This week’s men’s clothing releases have it all and more. And if you want to do any of these activities – and you don’t need to take cold medicine – make sure you have mastered them now so you can get them before the New Year.

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Liberty New York Embroidered Snapback Hat

Bloomingdale’s has celebrated its iconic designs from decades past over the past few months, and it continues on that path with its latest drop. The New York-based retailer has teamed up with Fantasy Explosion on a collection of snapback caps inspired by Big Apple memorabilia from the ’80s and’ 90s. Lady Liberty would be proud.

Gore-Tex Terrex Free Hiker ‘Nothing Left Behind’ Shoes

If you plan to go into the woods, make sure you have adequate shoes for the hike. You can check out this list of the best hiking shoes or you can copy these sneakers from Adidas. Part of its Terrex range, this new item features a recycled upper with a waterproof Gore-Tex membrane and Continental rubber outsole. And this mishmash of colors and prints is, quite simply, dreamy.

Wild boot

Noah x GOAT Merrell 1 TRL

Speaking of awesome hiking shoes, Noah, GOAT and Merrell have teamed up to create a true star this week. Don’t miss out.

Kama weekend bag

Banda Bags offers the products, and in more ways than one as well. Not only are her caryalls molded in exuberant prints and patterns that often feature rich embroidery, but they are also largely made from recycled materials and are handcrafted by 80 women artisans in Sumatra, where they offer a fair pay and stable employment.

Wallabee boot

The Clarks Wallabee is iconic. Just like chicken and waffles, especially those made by Sweet Chick. Now the shoe brand has teamed up with the Brooklyn hangout to create a boot that really looks good enough to eat.

OG chore coat

Carhartt WIP’s chore coat is as classic as it gets. It doesn’t really need an overhaul. So when the brand teamed up with Bodega, it only needed slight adjustments like the fresh produce embroidery sewn onto the mattress topper. Get them while they’re still fresh.

Nylon graphic jacket

Aspenx runs down the slopes and asks Prada to come with him. Aspen Skiing Company’s clothing line has teamed up with the famous Italian brand’s sportswear division for a line of nylon ski mattress toppers that celebrate what both do best.

Tribu VCII sneakers

Pierre Hardy x Victor Cruz

Pierre Hardy called on Victor Cruz for a second collection; This one is a four-piece sneaker series that celebrates Cruz’s Afro-Latino heritage. The designs are meant to symbolize the unity and true friendship between the two men.

UO Summer Class ’21 Clark Atlanta University Crest Sweatshirt

Urban Outfitters is celebrating three historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) for a special edition of its UO Summer Class of 2021 collection. The Champion line of sweatshirts, t-shirts and shirts showcases Howard University, Clark University Atlanta and North Carolina A&T State University.

Fellini frame

Morgenthal Frederics x Jacques Marie Mage

Morgenthal Frederics and Jacques Marie Mage offer a little The good life. The eyewear brands have joined forces on a limited set of frames inspired by famous Italian director Federico Fellini.

Winter Heat Candle

Drake is a rapper, actor and, as of this year, a candle maker. And for the holidays, Champagne Papi’s label, Better World Fragrance, released a new product, called Winter Warmth, perfect for late nights when you need some love.

Navi XL Automatic Watch ‘Arctic’

An automatic watch that talks about ice, ice, baby.

The Sculpt sneaker

Pyer Moss’ famous Sculpt sneaker gets a touch of teal just in time for the New Year.

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