Big Brother recap: alliances crack as first woman gets the boot


The final season of Big Brother ensured the safety of women during the first three peasant evictions.

The pace changed dramatically from last year when Keisha Smith, Nicole Anthony and Janel Pierzina appeared as the first three boots.

Season 23 has already kicked out Travis, French and Brent, so it was inevitable that the target would move to one of the house guests.

After the last veto meeting, Hannah and Whitney were still stuck and began to understand some of the reasons Whitney was being targeted.

Tiffany felt that Hannah would benefit from her game in the future. It’s Tiffany’s game, and since everyone lives there, Tiffany wanted to get what she wanted.

Aza quickly pointed out that she didn’t trust Hannah, but it was from someone wanting to get rid of someone because she was approaching another guest in the house, and it was a bit difficult to to believe.

It soon became clear that neither Hannah nor Whitney had campaigned much. Hannah knew she was safe thanks to her close relationship with Derek X, and Whitney was the target.

Whitney was the last piece of the French Bulldog’s puzzle, and everyone wanted her to go because she was an easy choice. The Christians and Alyssa would have been right to keep her for a week when they were not in power. She’s a target!

Whitney knew the jig was in place, so she turned to Alyssa and complained that Hannah said Christians were a good person to be around because they were easy to use.

It didn’t go well with Alyssa. She immediately spoke to her boyfriend. My boyfriend started to wonder if he should send his luggage to Hannah. The problem is, Tiffany manages the votes. Because everyone votes as she says.

CBS Azaawasum

Tiffany also felt that it was a good idea for the six members of Cook Out to work with someone who was not in an alliance, so they were recognized as duets and if they were put in the block, Cook Out would be another. People who vote for members of.

It’s a surprisingly smart plan, but those plans tend to fall apart.

When we got to the eviction, it was a unanimous vote for Whitney.

Julie immediately spoke to Whitney about the Cook Out Alliance, and while she claimed she wasn’t angry about it, you could tell she felt a bit betrayed.

CBS Tiffany Mitchell

When we got home the house guests thought it was a double foreclosure, but no, it was the first endurance competition of the summer.

It didn’t work out on the show, but Julie revealed that next week there will be a new competition in the game and viewers will have a big impact on it.

Big Brother will continue Sunday on CBS.

Big Brother Recap: Alliances Crack As First Woman Gets The Boot Source Link Big Brother Recap: Alliances Crack As First Woman Gets the Boot

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