Boots is ditching its own cotton brand for organic alternatives

Cotton wool is dubbed the ‘dirtiest crop in the world’ (Photo: Getty Images)

Boots is replacing its own-brand cotton products with organic alternatives in a bid to help shoppers become more sustainable.

The pharmacy sells more than 10 million units of its own-brand cotton products in its beauty and baby ranges each year.

But now he will only source GOT (Global Organic Textiles Standard) cotton.

And being more eco-friendly won’t cost customers a penny, as prices will stay the same.

Surprisingly, non-organic cotton wool has been dubbed the “world’s dirtiest crop” as it accounts for 16% of global insecticide use, more than any other crop.

Traditional cotton production also requires significant amounts of water, so it depletes local water supplies, impacts wildlife and affects farmers’ health.

GOTS certification means that the cotton is grown without the use of toxic and persistent synthetic pesticides or fertilizers, and in fact preserves the health of the soil and the environment.

This supports cotton farmers, allowing them to grow additional crops alongside cotton, such as food, which they can use themselves or as a source of income.

The move is Boots’ latest commitment to sustainability after pledging to remove all wipes containing plastic fibers from its shelves by the end of 2022.

The chain has also removed all unnecessary plastic from its range of Christmas gifts.

John Sweeney, Head of Product Sustainability at Boots, said: “This is a really important decision.

“It takes into account the whole supply chain and ultimately benefits cotton farmers, as well as their families and the local community.

“What’s even better is that we do this at no additional cost to our customers, helping to make organic cotton easily accessible to anyone who wants to make this lasting change for the good of others and the planet. “

Growing organic cotton can reduce greenhouse gas emissions and provide a number of other environmental, health and social benefits.

For customers who want to be even more sustainable in their habits, Boots offers a “Be More” edition on featuring over 400 eco-friendly products to help customers make sustainable choices more easily.

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