Bruin David “Pasta” Pastrnak comes out with his own pasta


My God, how I LOVE our Boston Bruins! Boston players are always doing something good for the community and this latest news is no exception.

One of the Bruins’ most popular players lends his nickname to new limited edition penne pasta with his face on the box that is sold in select Stop & Shop stores.

WHDH / News 7 Boston Pastrnak reports and the supermarket chain unveiled the new “Pasta” on Tuesday. The cans of penne will be on sale for 88 cents at select Stop & Shop stores in Massachusetts for a limited time.

Proceeds from the sale of penne pasta will be used to support pediatric cancer research and care. All this in partnership with the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute and the Jimmy Fund.

Pastrnak said in a press release:

I always try to help as much as I can with the little things for young children.

The “Pasta” boxes are black and gold (obviously), with a picture of Pastrnak, his signature and the Boston Bruins logo. And if you’re wondering why the boxes of pasta sell for 88 cents each, it’s in honor of the number Pastrnak wears on his jersey.

Pastrnak went on to say in the media statement:

It worked perfectly, it could not work better with my nickname. I think the pasta was a great option, you can put pasta in front of all the kids and they will love it.

It’s so awesome of you, Pasta! Good luck this season. Pastrnak and his teammates open the 2021-2022 season at home. The Bruins will face the Dallas Stars at the upcoming TD Garden quickly on October 16. Let’s go. Go. Bruins.

To learn more about the history, visit the WHDH website here.

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