Choose the best football boots: Aspetar

Doha: Aspetar recently published an article published in his Sports Medicine Journal on the best football boot for someone who plays sports. It is written by Athol Thomson, John William Wannop and Katrine Okholm Kryger.

Thomson is a podiatrist and research scientist at Aspetar, while Wannop is a professor in the Human Performance Lab, Faculty of Kinesiology at the University of Calgary, and Kryher is a lecturer in athletic rehabilitation at St Mary’s University, a member of the advisory board of UEFA Fitness4Football and research member. Defining the Future Research Agenda for Women’s Football Health and Performance: A FIFA Global Initiative.

They said that modern football boots are the equivalent of a Swiss army knife in the sports equipment stakes. “Player motivations for shoe selection are likely to be more complex (e.g. foot shape/comfort, injury history, weather conditions, artificial grass vs reinforced hybrid vs natural grass) and contextual (e.g. World Cup final vs pre-season sponsor event, brand sponsorship, favorite color and superstitions).

The article aims to highlight some pillars of shoe selection, including foot shape and fit, stud/cleat adaptation to playing surface and climate, considerations for women and young players. and bending stiffness.

Some of the basic tips they provided include choosing a football boot that best reflects your foot shape, with comfort being your number one indicator; try several brands or models to see what feels most comfortable to you; there should be no uncomfortable “break-in” period; look for several short, small, round studs such as an artificial outsole (AG) if you are returning from injuries such as a fractured fifth metatarsal, ruptured anterior cruciate ligament (ACL), ankle syndesmosis injury and others.

Also, match the outsole group of the shoe to the type of surface (AG for artificial ground, SG for soft/wet ground, etc.); and younger players should consider a good heel counter and heel contours due to the high prevalence of heel pain, among other things. The article titled “Hey Coach/Doctor/Physio/Podiatrist/Dad/Mum: What Football Boot I Best For Me?” can be viewed on the Aspetar website.

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