Clarks Launches Vegan Versions Of Iconic Wallabee And Desert Boots


Put your best foot forward as Clarks Originals launches its very first vegan versions of its classic Wallabee and Desert Boot shoes.

Available in neutral hues including beige, brown and black, the brand’s iconic Desert Boot and cult classic Wallabee have been reimagined with vegan-friendly crepe rubber uppers, linings and soles.

Breaking the news on its website, Clark’s wrote, “You asked. We were listening. Discover the all new Wallabee and Desert Boot, our two most beloved profiles, carefully crafted in Portugal with non-animal derived materials for all the leather-free style. An ethical update dedicated to a vegan lifestyle.

The Desert Boots and Wallabee vegan shoes are available now from Clarks for £ 120.

Head over to the website and look for the leaf symbol which indicates what styles are available with vegan materials.

Plus, Clarks even included exclusive charms and heel pads with a leaf motif that makes it clear which shoes are vegan.

“Timeless classics”

Clark’s Originals shoes are synonymous with Jamaican culture and have been part of island life for almost 60 years.

According to Clarks, these timeless classics have been worn by “revolutionaries, free thinkers and counterculture icons for generations.”

This is because Clarks was the first “casual” shoe to hit the mass market in Jamaica. Previously, if you wanted casual shoes like sneakers, your choices were limited to suede brogues.

Another reason Clarks’ shoes became so popular in the 1970s was that they provided comfort and support for Islanders whose primary form of transportation was on foot, Al Fingers says in his book. Clarks in Jamaica.

Their popularity continued to grow in the 1980s, with many reggae and deejay singers wearing them prominently on album covers. The iconic shoes were even honored in a Little John song called “Clarks Booty”.

In recent years, Clarks shoes have gained popularity in the hip-hop subculture thanks to the Jamaicans of Brooklyn. In addition, many modern dancehall artists such as Koffee and Vybz Kartel are also big fans of the brand.

In fact, Clarks works closely with Koffee and his nonprofit, Families Rule / MTLT, to deliver empowerment programs for young people.

As many Jamaicans are Rastafarians who eat an Italian diet (a mostly plant-based diet) and avoid animal flesh, the launch of Clark’s new vegan line will be good news.

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