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Men's Orthopedic & Diabetic Footwear Collection

These are the shoes that started it all. Our first Generation orthopedic and diabetic shoes, built on our award winning C-2000 and C-2050 lasts provide you the stability, comfort, functionality and style you need and want in your daily footwear. 

These shoes provide style and relief for:

Diabetes and Diabetic Neuropathy, Adema (Swelling), Pronation, Supination, Hammer toes, Bunions in addition to many more pathologies

These shoes are built with either Xtra Depth (3/16" of additional room) or Double Depth (1/2" of additional room) to accommodate:

Braces, Orthotics, AFO (Ankle/Foot Orthoses), Partial prosthetics, Full prosthetics

Known the world over for being the finest diabetic and orthopedic shoes, get your self a pair and see for yourself!