Community profile: With the election over, Sunlight’s new mini-mayor is ready to run through his list of campaign pledges

Micah Erickson, 7, sits for a photo in the playground at Glenwood Springs Elementary School where he goes to school.
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It was a tough election with many mini-naysayers and strong campaign promises, but Micah Erickson emerged victorious as Sunlight Mountain Resort’s first male mayor in nearly a decade.

Erickson, a student at Glenwood Springs Elementary School, ran his campaign on the promise of making the mountain more accessible to novice cyclists like his little sisters.

“I want to add a magic carpet because beginners mostly go there,” he said. “Even though other mountains have a magic carpet, most beginners go to Sunlight.”

He has no plans to ride a magic carpet himself, as he is not new to carving turns.

A skier since the age of 2, Erickson is about to enter his second year on the Buddy Werner ski racing team, aiming to win more than just political races for the season.

The day after celebrating his win, Erickson showed real strength and endurance with his ability to climb his elementary school’s large playground without ever touching the ground, and he did it. done without gloves.

After taking a short break to warm his hands with his breath on the chilly November evening, he began to show his ability to climb the very tall monkey bars, explaining that he could climb on them too but he would wait another day to show off those abilities.

Erickson also proves to be a very family-oriented politician by always finding time to take care of his little sisters and waiting for his favorite skiing partner to visit him from Wisconsin, his grandfather.

A true fan of the mountain lifestyle, Erickson keeps maps of some of his favorite ski mountains posted on his bedroom wall and spent his early years walking around the house with his skis and boots full at all times. .

The floors in her home might not have been too grateful, but her mother, Sara Erickson, said she saw it as a factor in her ambition.

His favorite parts of the mountain are shredding hard and fast, zipping through the trees, getting some fresh air, and warming up at the end of the day with a cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows on top. He already has his favorite tree lines mapped out with his dad on Sunlight, and his mom knows exactly where to wait for him to hang out.

Micah Erickson, 7, plays on the playground at Glenwood Springs Elementary School on a chilly evening after school.
Chelsea Independent/post-independent

“On the mountain, there is a lodge,” he says. “I always get (hot chocolate) there with marshmallows on top.”

A good politician knows you can’t forget the marshmallows.

His mum said he even sometimes stores extra hot chocolate on the cozy road back down the mountain after a long day on the slopes.

Erickson is a fan of sharing, admitting he already has a pass to Sunlight for this season. He will share the pass with his friends and family to give them more access to ride his mountain with him.

He is very happy to celebrate with his grandfather and bring him up to his estate to show him all the best places.

“We are adding our first mini-senator from Maryland and our first foreign ambassador representing Argentina,” said Troy Hawks, director of marketing and sales at Sunlight. “He’s from Buenos Aires and we’re excited to expand our mini-convention.”

This year’s election included two out-of-state representatives. They were chosen as the first members of the newly created mini-congress, Juan Martin Giura and Andrew Jarrell.

“We can’t wait to meet them,” Hawks said. “Usually the elections are held and then we normally have our first meeting downstairs and they share their ideas with us. We haven’t met Micah yet, but we’re certainly happy to meet him. We can’t wait to hear what ideas he might have.

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