Denver’s BOA Fit System adapts to high-level athletic shoes


DENVER, Colorado – If you’re a snowboarder, you already know which dial system you use to tie your boots on.

But, this Colorado-made design is now spreading to many other performance sports as an alternative to Velcro or fastening your shoes.

You are in good company this week with BOA adjustment system.

If you’ve been hitting slopes or trails recently, you’ve probably heard the clicking sound of the BOA Fit system.

“So we’re not just thinking about the system itself,” said Shawn Neville, CEO of BOA. “We actually work with brands to design and develop products that change the way the body moves and create better performance for top athletes. “

Shawn Neville spoke about how the business has evolved after 20 years in business, from a simple lacing alternative to scientific proof of the benefits of a better fitting shoe.

“One of the biggest challenges with the laces is that you lock them in and it just cramps your foot,” Neville said.

He explained how BOA wraps around the foot which is more efficient for athletes.

You can now find BOA on work, golf, track and field and cycling shoes.

“We can improve endurance and health, agility and speed, as well as power and precision in the way the body moves,” Neville said.

They’re testing their products in their performance fit lab, a new addition where micro-adjustments could make the difference in winning the race.

“Medial lateral movement, jump,” Neville explained. “So when… you play basketball, tennis – that ability to explode quickly while remaining stable is what we basically prove.”

So when you hear BOA’s locking sound, you know that person is connected to a different level of competition.

“Their mindset is, ‘I’m changing a bit to prepare myself,’” Neville said. “I’m confident. I’m not afraid. I’m focused. This energy, when you see it in consumers, it’s amazing.”

They plan to launch into alpine ski boots soon and they have a huge customer base overseas, as well as in Europe and Japan.

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