Dickies & Highsnobiety Just Created Every Skater’s Dream Costume


Mark: Highsnobiety x Dickies

Release date: Wednesday October 6

Price: As expected, the release doesn’t stray too far from Dickies’ usual price range (no $ 900 pants here). The work shirt will cost you $ 100 Shirt, the blazer costs $ 150 and the pants $ 110.

To buy: Highsnobiety Shop

Editor’s Notes: To all skateboarders and workwear fans, Dickies has just created the costume of your dreams. While the brand’s pants have always been a staple for those who need to dress up – but want to avoid awkward evening wear – Dickies has never formalized its GOAT position in the dress pants market.

So far, that is. By teaming up with Highsnobiety, Dickies created his own costume. Dubbed the ‘work suit’, the three-piece collection includes pleated work trousers (based on the iconic 874 trousers), a button-down work shirt and a square-cut blazer.

“Costumes have long been associated with materialistic success and we wanted to take that idea, that symbol and dismantle it,” said Matt Ting, global senior director of work-inspired products for Dickies. “By taking the silhouette of a suit and pairing it with a classic work uniform, we have created a style with Highsnobiety that is more accessible and a reflection of the present day.

Available in black, lincoln green and brown, the design stays true to classic Dickie styling while incorporating a touch of Highsnobiety design as a tonal mark. Whether you wear the suit at your wedding (at the Axel crusher), for going skating, or just looking a little prettier for a change, Highsnobiety and Dickies have you covered.

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