Fizik Tempo Decos – New premium road shoe from the Italian brand

While it may not have the heritage of fellow countryman Sidi, Fizik has cemented its place as the Italian brand of choice for footwear fans in recent years, thanks to a blend of high performance, clean aesthetics and high profile sponsors.

Not short of a shoe or two in its product line (nine options for summer road shoes, not counting triathlon offerings, at our last count), the Decos bring a high-end unique Boa option to the party with cleat bolts located further back for better biomechanics.

New shoes, classic silhouette

Browsing through the full range of Fizik road shoes, many of which are already on our list of best cycling shoes, there is a distinctive silhouette across the range; a low ankle and offset closure being the hallmarks. The new Decos don’t break the mold in that regard, fitting in nicely with the brand’s classic aesthetic, but bring a few new design features to the table.

Fizik’s previous offerings all feature a two-part closure system, one for the upper and one for the lower foot, either via Boa dials or Velcro straps. The Decos stray from the archetype and instead opt for a single, lower profile Boa Li2 dial to close the entire shoe. The new Li2 dial is both flatter and has a smaller diameter, which may make some difference to aerodynamics, but no claims are made in this regard – it appears to be primarily a cosmetic update .

To no one’s surprise, given that this is a high-end road shoe, the Decos feature a stiff unidirectional carbon sole (stiffness index: 10), with a large vent at the bottom. toe cap combined with internal channeling to keep things cool when the temperature rises. . The upper, a soft laminated PU mesh, is featured on other models in the Fizik range and is designed to mold to the top of the foot while maximizing breathability. This conformity will be all the more important with a single dial closure to ensure the avoidance of hot spots.

The underside of a cycling shoe with a carbon sole

Cleat bolts are mounted further back than previous Fizik road shoes (Image credit: Fizik)

Rear cleat positioning

For most of us, fitting new cleats always involved placing them under the ball of the foot. Recently pioneered mostly by serial innovator Adam Hansen, slamming your cleats back for a performance advantage is starting to move into more mainstream offerings. Fizik, in this case, mounted the cleat bolts further back than in their other models, in an effort to relieve knee pressure, especially in the more aero positions.

The change isn’t huge, especially not visually, but it’s a step towards eroding another piece of received wisdom.

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Fizik Tempo Decos single show in white

(Image credit: Fizik)
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Single Show Fizik Tempo Decos in Blue

(Image credit: Fizik)
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A single show Fizik Tempo Decos in black

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A single show Fizik Tempo Decos in purple

(Image credit: Fizik)

Specifications and prices

Fizik Decorations are available in four colours: All black, all white, iridescent light blue and black, or purple and black. They will retail for $299.99 / €290 / £279 and weigh 496g a pair.

For riders who struggle to find a perfect fit, Fizik also offers half sizes between their most commonly purchased options (37-47). We’ve been lucky enough to get our hands on a set for a few tests, so stay tuned to see how they perform.

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