Four things to know about the Astros Triple-A rebrand

Well, the rumor was true. The Sugar Land Skeeters are now officially the Sugar Land Space Cowboys.

The Houston Astros’ Triple-A affiliate officially announced its changes Saturday with a full house at Constellation Field in Sugar Land. With over 5,000 fans in attendance, the festivities were delayed as queues to enter the stadium were longer than expected.

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Here are four things to know about the Astros’ rebranding of their Triple-A affiliate.

Orion, the mascot

With Swatson out of the game, the Space Cowboys will now be supported by a distant cousin of Orbit: Orion. The cosmic blue space dog should have been called “Maurice, the love gangster”, in my opinion.

But, you can only make a limited number of references to a Steve Miller Band song, composed almost 50 years ago. The Astros may not have tie-up rights, but they’ve stuck to the space theme with the Orion name.

Swatson, the former Sugar Land mascot, has since left the franchise and is exploring the world, according to his Twitter.

New uniforms

Heading into the season, the Space Cowboys have three uniforms with three different caps to complement them. Minor league teams get gifted substitute uniforms over time, so chances are we’ll see other substitutes down the road.

Even manager Mickey Storey was enjoying the festivities with his Space Cowboy Themed Shoes.

New logos

The Space Cowboys will sport four different logos in their first season. Both the primary and secondary logos show a “Space Cowboy,” which was the rumored trademark entering Saturday.

Space Cowboys will host the Astros

Although only 22 miles from Minute Maid Park, Constellation Field should host the Astros on March 28. The Space Cowboys would then be hosted at Minute Maid Park for an exhibition game the following day.

The lockdown is pending those scheduled matches, just days before opening day. If a known collective agreement is not reached, we may see these games postponed or played between other prospects within the system.

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