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The 15th Annual Chandler Mountain Challenge will take place Saturday from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. Oregon-based Climbers for Christ will continue to host the event at Horsepen 40. According to Discipleship Ambassador Josh Reyes, Horsepen 40 is considered a “very renowned bouldering field” by the climbing community.

Rocks throughout the property are assigned a number based on difficulty level. Climbers for Christ rewards climbers based on the rocks they manage to climb. Based on the number of points collectively earned, a matching donation is given to a non-profit organization.

Thanks to a “double down” sponsor last year, the climbers collectively earned about 3000 points and $6000 was the final donation. This year, Climbers for Christ expects to match approximately 2,000 points.

“It’s kind of a unique concept in the climbing community, and as far as we know, we’re the only ones in the country doing it,” Reyes said.

Tickets for the event are $20, which includes admission, dinner, and a t-shirt. Admission to the Horsepen 40 is $10 per person.

Reyes said participants are encouraged to register online through the Chandler Mountain Challenge Facebook page. Registration will also be available on site on the day of.

Beginner to elite climbers are welcome. Reyes said Horsepen 40 hosts an environment that can allow anyone, inexperienced or experienced, to get out there and properly match their skill level. Basic climbing necessities are climbing shoes and a crash pad.

“It’s a very unique style of climbing compared to most places. There are a lot of really easy to moderate climbs so someone can show up on day one and do some climbs and have a great time doing it,” Reyes said.

Each year, Climbers for Christ chooses a different non-profit organization to contribute to. The non-profit organization chosen this year is Orphan Voice, an organization that benefits orphans in Vietnam. Based in Danang Vietnam,

Reyes said Climbers for Christ is particularly enthusiastic about helping this organization as it offers support to children in need. They also do sex trafficking rescue and prevention and teach vocational life skills.

“They’re all about fixing the roots of a lot of these issues instead of just bandaging the gunshot wounds,” Reyes said.

In 2018, Reyes and other church members traveled to Vietnam to help Orphan Voice develop a therapy center. He described the project as ‘very near and dear to his heart’ as he was able to build a climbing wall for their therapy centre.

You can find more information about Ophan Voice at

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