Gerard, Summit County, The Best Slopestyle Snowboard Competition In Corning

Red Gerard reacts to his last run in the men’s snowboard slopestyle final at the Copper Mountain’s Dew Tour on Saturday December 18, 2021. Gerard took first place in the event with a score of 93.25.
Liz Copan / For the Daily News Summit

On day four of competition at the Winter Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Resort, the competition couldn’t have been more cinematic for America’s ski and snowboard athletes.

From the men’s slopestyle snowboard competition, two Summit County residents – Chris Corning and Olympic gold medalist Red Gerard – looked to fight. The two were the last two competitors to make the two-set, 25-man final after qualifying was canceled earlier in the week.

The competition area consisted of a series of crushing and jumping ramps followed by three big air jumps. Corning had a first run with a 180 front on rail, a 1200 yaw and a 1440. The run scored 83 points.

Gerard would follow his friend and local teammate with a strong race of his own. He executed a frontside 720, a backside 1260 and a 1620 to score an 87.

However, the competition knew what it took to get on the podium, and the level of difficulty of the figures increased in the second round.

Sean Fitzsimons of Hood River, Ore., Was one of the competitors who went bankrupt on his last run. Fitzsimons damaged his board on his first run and was forced to roll on his spare board. It didn’t matter for Fitzsimons, however, as he netted a big point to score an 89.50, pushing Gerard and Corning to the bottom of the table.

Corning then donned a 1260 and 1440 back-to-back with a grip to go first with a score of 91.50.

“I knew my other run wasn’t going to be good enough and had to do my best to get a run that I hadn’t done all the time,” Corning said. “So I finally decided that I was just going to let go and I was able to put it down. “

Gerard sat at the top of the course, aware that Corning had just completed what might be the best descent of the day. He would need to go further if he was to win the event and claim the Dew Tour slopestyle title in back-to-back competitions.

Gerard started the course with a 1080 frontside, 1260 backside and another massive 1260 backside with a grip on the final jump. The crowd erupted into cheers as Gerard skidded to a halt in a cloud of snow at the bottom of the course.

He then quickly fell silent as Gerard waited with Corning, the two gazing up at the scoreboard as they waited for the judges’ decision to see where his final round compared to the rest of the competition.

Gerard scored 93.25 to win his second straight Dew Tour slopestyle title while Corning finished second. Canada’s Mark McMorris was third with a maximum score of 90.

Gerard fell to the ground and was engulfed by his family and friends, while his glasses were ripped off his head as he celebrated another title. Emotion was on Gerard’s face as he kept saying over and over again that he couldn’t believe the events that had just happened.

“That first jump, we really didn’t know how to snowboard on it, so I went for the 720 on my first run, but knew on my second run I had to do 1080,” he said. said Gerard. “I thought I would take it feature by feature and go through with it. “

Gerard would also say it’s amazing doing it next to his friend and teammate Corning.

“I am truly speechless,” said Gérard. “To win it back to back, I can’t believe it actually. I can’t stress enough how happy I am with our US snowboard team at the moment. Our team is doing well and it’s fun to be a part of it.

Corning was just as excited as Gerard with his performance as he stepped onto the podium.

“It’s great, great to be here, great to be at Copper,” Corning said. “I haven’t competed here for a few years so I’m happy to be back.

Men’s ski superpipe

In the men’s superpipe ski final, Colorado was once again at the forefront of the competition.

Olympic silver medalist Alex Ferreira, who is looking for another podium after winning the Toyota Grand Prix last week, started his competition with a less than ideal race. He scored 33.50 after being unable to perform some tricks properly.

Meanwhile, Winter Park’s Birk Irving got off to a great start, putting in a good set of tricks and flying high in the air to score 85.25, placing him second after the first lap.

Crested Butte’s Aaron Blunck fell in his first inning to score just a 12.

Ferreira went on to do a 1080 and a double 1440, celebrating with his iconic pole whip. Perhaps that was when Ferreria knew he had just stepped onto the podium again. Ferreira scored a 94.75, rising to first place.

Irving fell on his next two runs due to broken ski boots and having to borrow another pair. He would finish with a best score of 85.25 to finish fourth.

Two-time Olympic gold medalist David Wise – ideally needing a podium to apply for an Olympic team – would start warming up in his second round of the day with a score of 82.75.

Blunck had a flawless second run, receiving 80 points and closing in on the podium.

After the second round of races, Ferreira completed a left side 1440 and a 1620 with a seizure on his last run to score 95.75, winning another title.

Blunck then had his best run of the day on his last run. He scored 94 points to get next to Ferreira on the podium.

Alex Ferreira reacts to his victory in the men’s superpipe ski at the Dew Tour at Copper Mountain Resort on Saturday, December 18, 2021.
Liz Copan / For the Daily News Summit

“I train really hard outside of the competitive season and when the time comes I’m a little less nervous than I would be if I hadn’t trained,” Ferreira said of his consecutive weeks of training. victories. “I just work really hard. There is no secret.

Wise was fifth, while Lyman Currier of Boulder was ninth.

Slopestyle snowboard woman

Zoi Synnott Sadowski of New Zealand won the women’s snowboard slopestyle title with a score of 97.75 on her last downhill of the day. Enni Rukajarvi was second, while Kokomo Murase was third.

Courtney Rummel of West Bend, Wisconsin, was the top American and placed fourth with a score of 83.50.

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