Harley Quinn, King Shark direct Puma and DC’s Suicide Squad sneaker collaboration


DC unveils yet another sneaker collaboration with Puma and Jen Bartel, this time bringing Harley Quinn, King Shark and more to fans’ feet.

DC partners with Puma to bring The suicide squadthe most popular anti-heroes in the footwear market. Harley Quinn, King Shark, Peacemaker, Polka-Dot Man and Bloodsport all get the sneaker treatment, designed by acclaimed comic artist Jen Bartel.

DC promoted the shoes on Twitter with great enthusiasm from fans. The promotional tweets each reveal one of the five characters depicted in the line, along with personalized video clips showing 360-degree views of each style.

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The sneakers feature an all-suede exterior and feature colors and iconography associated with each character. The Harley Quinn version has its classic black and red color scheme, the King Shark version is gray and dark blue, the Peacemaker version is burgundy with blue and silver, the Bloodsport version is orange and dark blue and the strokes of Polka-Dot Man feet are gray on white with colorful accents. Each pair comes with a gold charm unique to each character and some writing on the laces (perhaps the cutest being “NUM NUM NUM” repeated along King Shark).

While the line was made with men’s sizing in mind, the Harley Quinn version has its own list for women’s sizing. However, the shoes only appear to be available to customers based in the United States; international fans are apparently redirected to the DC store in their home country, where the sneaker listings are nowhere to be found.

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This isn’t the first collaboration between the three parties – in May, DC revealed a Puma sneaker inspired by the iconic black suit Superman wears in Zack Snyder Justice League. These kicks sold out within months, although the list can still be seen on the DC store. DC, Puma and Bartel have also teamed up for a Birds of prey-inspired sneaker for the film’s release in 2020.

Bartel has previously designed shoes for Adidas to coincide with the release of Captain Marvel and Avengers: Endgame. One version of the sneaker was themed Thanos, sporting the purple and gold of his skin and armor, along with colorful Infinity Stone detailing on the heels. The other featured the red-blue-gold of Captain Marvel’s quintessential look.

The Puma x Suicide Squad x The Jen Bartel line of sneakers are available for pre-order now in the DC store for $ 150 each, though orders are limited to three pairs. The sneakers are only in stock while stocks last and are expected to ship in March 2022.

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Source: DC Comics

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