Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor Says He’s ‘Lack Of Money’, Here’s How Dad Anil Kapoor Responded

The actors and father-son duo of Anil Kapoor and Harsh Varrdhan Kapoor are eagerly awaiting the release of their upcoming Netflix feature film titled Tar. While promoting the film recently, the couple opened up about Harsh’s love of shoes.

It’s well known that Harsh is a sneakerhead, so when asked in a Pinkvilla interview about buying the latest Baby Jordans on the market, the actor-turned-producer shook his head and said he doesn’t. hadn’t done it since he ran out of money in his account.

“I barely have money, I’m out of money now. I hope to get paid for this biopic (Abhinav Bindra’s biopic) because I have to pay rent,” the actor said. laughing. Anil Kapoor stepped in and joked about not lending his son money: “I don’t give you. I’m just taking, the shoes I’m wearing right now are Harsh’s.

Billed as a noir western, Thar was helmed by Raj Singh Chaudhary. Speaking to PTI, Singh had said that Thar was a very “Clint Eastwood movie”. He also spoke of how he personally saw Rajasthan: “As a child, I used to visualize from the top of a mountain that a horse would come and stand and there was a cowboy … I didn’t want to make Thar a run-of-mill story. I’ve been a fan of the western genre since my childhood. The Rajasthan I belong to was not the Rajasthan of palaces and sand dunes .

Also starring Satish Kaushik and Fatima Sana Shaikh, Thar will be released on Netflix on May 6.

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