Hiking sneakers: how did the outdoor trend come back?


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Going out has never been so cool. Outdoor gear has been a staple of street style for decades, but it hasn’t quite penetrated it like today. We’re in a time when The North Face covers their Nuptse puffer jacket with Gucci’s monogram motif, Arc’teryx is collaborating with famous British skate brand Palace and Michael Jordan’s signature fourth sneaker gets sprinkled with hues and materials suitable for hiking thanks to streetwear pioneer Union.

Some call the Gorpcore movement, a coat rack of Gorp, hiker’s jargon for “good ol ‘raisins and peanuts”, and normcore, which is said to have been invented by The cup in 2017. Think Patagonia shag fleeces paired with designer sneakers, street Solomons and Arc’teryx shells despite the risk of zero precipitation. For another subset of people, this is more than an op-ed on the latest Lower East Side trend. As trite as it may sound, for some it is a way of life. Whether it’s full utility use in the mountains or a feature with a twist of flex in the city, the desire for outdoor gear has always been there, and now it’s amplified.

From the early ’90s until today, what started out as a practical and stylish tool for everyday city living has evolved into a geek’s outfit before going all out. the Wall Street newspaper. Yet despite its mainstream release, is it fair to view outdoor enthusiasm as a trend? In order to truly explore the subject, we need to look at where it started, where it has been and where it is today.

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