How Kansas City Residents Make Money From Sneaker Culture



KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As a college athlete, Presley Mackelburg has to get creative when it comes to making money.

Mackelburg found quite the hustle and bustle in buying and reselling high-end retro sneakers from Nike and Adidas.

“I create personal relationships or I sell through eBay. This is the easiest way for me. I make the most profit this way, ”Mackelburg told FOX4.

Like many other so-called “sneakerheads,” Mackelburg scours online auction sites, sneaker apps, and limited-edition raffles to catch rare creations that can fetch a pretty dime.

“The most I made on a sneaker was around $ 400, and that was on a Yeezy foam runner,” Mackelburg said.

The 21-year-old is among thousands who frequently visit stores like Reset KC in Westport.

“Pedestrian traffic is hot, for sure. We see probably 50 people per hour, ”said Garrett Pulliam of Reset KC.

Regular customers come to buy, sell, or sometimes both.

“The shoes they win in raffles or online, they’ll bring them to us and sell them to us instead of selling them in the online marketplace because it’s easier,” Pulliam said.

One of the more expensive pairs of kicks at Reset KC sells for $ 1,950. The “Nike Union” is a collaboration between the Air Jordan brand and “Union LA”.

So, is anyone worried that the sneaker bubble is bursting?

“No, it’s just going to keep going up,” Pulliam said. “Right now, the sneaker industry is worth $ 70 billion. In 2025, it will probably be $ 130 billion.

That’s a lot of Air Jordans.

“The whole sneaker game is a bit of luck,” Mackelburg said. “You just have to be lucky sometimes. “


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