‘I thought Roger Federer would be emotional but…’ says top analyst

Today the Laver Cup 2022 officially ended, a competition in which some of the best tennis players in the world took part. This year, the tournament took on even greater significance when Swiss tennis player Roger Federer bid farewell to the sport in London.

On the first day of the tournament, Roger took part in the doubles match alongside his great friend and rival Rafael Nadal and the two lost with Team Europe to Americans Frances Tiafoe and Jack Sock. Apart from the result, the match held special significance as it is Roger Federer’s last appearance on a tennis court.

The 20-time winner of Grand Slam tournaments, at 41, has decided to hang up his shoes and racket and leave professional sport. During the press conference, Roger Federer touched on many topics including his children’s reaction to his decision to say goodbye to him.

Here is what he said about it: “I gave them this news the day before the letter was published, and of course it all depends on how it is presented. If you tell your friends you are leaving they may take it positively but if you say you are leaving many will cry.

I told the kids I wouldn’t change much. The last few years have led to this and the kids were already telling me ‘Stop playing tennis, we want to go skiing’, I told my four kids and three of them burst into tears.

Courier opens up on Federer

Former USA player Jim Courier had one of the toughest tasks of not letting his emotions get the better of him when he spoke to Roger Federer during an on-pitch interview. “I felt a lot of pressure to get it right because, like everyone, I love Roger and wanted him to have the moment the way he wanted.

I thought he would be emotional but I didn’t expect so much emotion from him and everyone else involved, especially Rafa. So that was an amazing time to be in,” Courier said. “I had to go somewhere I probably haven’t been to since playing tennis – to focus, concentrate and numb myself in my environment.

Because I knew if I lost it it would be very difficult to get back on track,” he added. “I had to be the one to hold the piece together, that was my job. I couldn’t get involved in the emotions because my job there is to go unnoticed.

If they notice you, you made a mistake. I’m still coming off the adrenaline rush and I don’t think my heart rate was below 100 all day.”

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