Inside Lululemon’s New Hike Collection

During the pandemic, going into nature felt like medicine, therapy and exercise all at the same time. As a result, hiking trails across the country were being used 200% more than normal. The mountains were calling, as the great conservationist John Muir so aptly put it, and everyone went there.

Most pandemic hikers are what the hiking community calls “hikers”, people go out in the morning for a quick hike up the mountain and back down in a few hours. Lululemon’s new hiking collection is designed with this group in mind – people who want to get out and experience the physical and mental benefits of a hike before decamping to their favorite spot in town for brunch.

On July 5, Lululemon launched its all-new hiking collection, introducing a new category for the clothing brand made famous for bringing athleisure into the mainstream. The 33-piece collection includes 10 pieces for men and eight unisex accessories that range in price from $28 to $198.

“A lot of outdoor brands seem to want to defend you from nature, whereas we wanted you to feel at one with nature,” says Ben Stubbington, senior vice president of design at Lululemon.

This guiding philosophy led Stubbington and the rest of the design team to choose softer fabrics that don’t feel like we’re wearing armor, and colors ranging from the traditional earthy green to rusty brown that reminds me of the rock formations of Utah. The entire range is designed to adapt to the changing weather conditions you may encounter while on the trail. Zippered components turn a jacket into a shirt and pants into shorts, while grid-textured and mesh fabrics offer personalized climate control.

“It’s really hard to make cut pants that don’t look cheesy,” says Stubbington, who we think deserves a Nobel Prize for cracking the code for cuts that actually look cool. . Pieces don’t look unfinished when zip on/off components are removed, and you don’t walk around with an exposed zipper as a hem.

All parts are lightweight and designed to be packable, stretchy and functional down to the smallest detail. The t-shirt’s chest pocket has a slanted edge on top to ensure your phone stays in place if you bend over to tie your shoes. The backpack features an exclusive technological innovation that recalibrates weight distribution once packed so it sits higher on the back to relieve pressure points.

You will find the phrase “welcome detours” hidden in some rooms. The collection is designed for wanderers; those who hike part of their day, but maybe not the together daytime. Those who take a hike then head to a rooftop or patio for happy hour. These pieces are designed to take you from the top to the streets without looking or feeling out of place, thanks to quick-drying, odor-blocking fabrics.

Lululemon invented athleisure, and with this collection, they’re preparing to do the same with hiking essentials. Call it trailwear or wide-casual (we can shop the name-Lululemon, give us a call). Getting outside, even for a short hike, is the medicine you need to get you through whatever the rest of the day throws at you. Check out some of our favorite picks from the new collection below, available now.

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