Italian equipment manufacturer Gaerne launches G.RS sports boots

When it comes to sportbikes, whether on the street or on the track, it’s always best to be as protected as possible. Few things are worse than heading down your favorite twisty road while wearing your favorite pair of Yeezies, or whatever kids these days call sneakers. As they say, dress for the ride, not for the ride.

Either way, there are plenty of choices when it comes to sportbike-specific boots, and Gaerne, an Italian gear manufacturer, has released the latest addition to their racing catalog in the form of the G.RS . These sleek and sporty boots are one of the most understated options on the market and feature a predominantly black pattern and simple styling. It incorporates large synthetic leather panels that not only give it a premium look, but also provide additional reinforcement and abrasion resistance.

Of course, it comes with sophisticated proprietary technology. The G.RS proudly sports the Gaerne Floating System, a polyurethane mechanism located at the back of the ankle that protects your foot from injuries resulting from sudden kicks and twists. In doing so, however, it doesn’t impede your range of motion, allowing for a natural feel when reaching for the rear brake or gear selector, and perching on the footpegs during spirited riding. For more comfort, the G.RS has a large ventilated area on the shin which is equipped with PU protectors.

Other safety features include a reinforced heel cup, reinforcements on the top of the foot, especially for use on the gear selector, as well as replaceable sliders on the toes. Inside the trunk, the entire front area has a padded leather interior for maximum comfort, even for long hours in the saddle. A long zipper concealed by a velcro flap runs along the side of the boot, making it very easy to put on and take off. Gaerne’s G.RS is available only in black and in sizes ranging from 36 to 48. As for the prices, they retail for 249.90 Euros, or around 283 USD.

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