Jordan Brand sneakers get more expensive in 2022

Jordan Brand unveiled its Spring 2022 collection over the weekend, giving sneakerheads a better look at next year’s releases. Amid the new Air Jordan designs, however, the brand revealed price increases across the board: retro models, including the two color schemes of the Air Jordan 3 and 4, will now cost $ 210 instead of $ 190. , while other models, like the Air Jordan 9, dropped from $ 190 to $ 200.

The change, of course, caused some backlash on social media. Some people have claimed that the price hike is inevitable due to global inflation and shortages caused by the pandemic, while others have pointed out that Jordan Brand sneakers have become more expensive over the years. Collectively, however, people agreed that $ 200 or more was a lot to pay for mainstream sneakers. Typically, the only Jordan Brand models to exceed this price are exclusive collaborations with celebrities or other streetwear labels.

Even more exclusive – Already, the sneaker brand has limited its products through sweepstakes, with priority given to those who enter the most raffles and interact with Nike’s SNKRS app, meaning those who have the ways to buy an abundance of sneakers are more likely to get them. , as is the case with the resale market. Jordan Brand’s price increases only make its shoes more exclusive, limiting its customer base to those who can afford sneakers, not necessarily love them.

Jordan Brand’s price increase may not deter resellers. Instead, it will likely increase resale prices. LUCA SOLA / AFP / Getty Images

Some popular models have kept their current retail price – next year the Air Jordan 1 High OG will remain at $ 170 – but like people noted online, Jordan Brand’s new pricing may be the result of growing reseller and bot issues. Higher retail costs may deter people from buying multiple pairs of shoes with robots or other methods, but again, the same factor could increase their profits in the resale market.

What is falling – For those who are interested (or simply able to participate) in the Spring 2022 collection, Jordan Brand has prepared an inverted Nike Air Jordan 1 Royale called “Marina Blue”, a Nike Air Jordan 5 Low “Arctic”, a Nike “Infrared” . Air Jordan 4 and a Nike Air Jordan 3 “Cardinal Red”. The two special edition models priced at $ 210 are the Phil Jackson-inspired Nike Air Jordan 4 “Amethyst Wave” and the Nike Air Jordan 3 “Muslin”, some of which have compared to the A Ma Maniere Jordan 3s.

The Nike Air Jordan 5 Low Arctic, a women’s exclusive, is the first sneaker to come out of the collection with a January release date. More information on the launch is expected to be announced soon, but in the meantime, it’s best to save for the pair you want.

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