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“Blackheart”, on the left, blocks an opposing jammer.

Photo provided, Junction City Roller Derby

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Photo of the Junction City Roller Derby team.

Photo provided, Junction City Roller Derby

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The Ogden Junction City Roller Derby based roller derby team was formed in 2008. After a hiatus they are back and ready to play with 30 members, and training camp returns in August.

Boot Camp is an eight week course where newcomers can learn the basics of roller skating, the rules of roller derby and how to play safely. The trainer and organizer of the game Junction City Roller Derby, which goes by the derby name “Blackheart”, describes roller derby as “a contact sport without a ball”.

Roller derby has an adaptive history, beginning with racing on skates, transitioning to a more theatrical sport for entertainment, and evolving into the competitive sport as we know it today, through the creation of the derby team on flat track “Texas Rollergirls” in the early 2000s.

Junction City Roller Derby is also played on a flat track, which means the game can be played anywhere there is enough flat surface. “All you really need is tape and rope,” says “Stoneher”, a player on the team. Even still, finding a large, empty venue with hard floors in Ogden to rent by the hour proves difficult for the team. While grateful to F5 Athletics in Syracuse for letting them play there and saying the owner is “absolutely amazing”, they are looking for suggestions and ideas on a local place to train and host fights. .

“We really want to keep it localized, because we’re an Ogden-based team,” says Stoneher.

Junction City Roller Derby is an all-inclusive team. Everyone is welcome, regardless of gender, age or any other factor, except those aged 18 or over. However, there are teams for young players available.

The reasons the players on the team started roller derby vary, but they all have the same reasons for staying. Players “Knight Witch” and “Dee Wrex” both cite a “midlife crisis” as their reason for leaving, while “Kiss Off” and “Slam Bam” emphasize a desire for fun exercise. “Roll-X” and “Knockout Punch” are both about moms who wanted something to do that was fun and just for them. They each express that they continue to play for the community, friendship, empowerment and support that comes with it.

The team is recruiting new players, looking for volunteers to help out in other ways outside of the game, and raising funds to help keep it all running.

Watch for their stand at the Farmer’s Market on 25th Street and Ogden Pride, and get ready for Junction City Roller Derby fights at a venue with hard ground near you.

You can follow and contact Junction City Roller Derby on Facebook (@JunctionCityRollerDolls).


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