KEEN Footwear launches industry’s first ‘court-to-toe’ sneaker with agricultural waste, launched September 30


“With F2F technology, KEEN provides measurable solutions to engineered footwear that are less damaging to the environment,” said Steve workman, Senior Director, Global Product Innovations. “F2F, using advanced polyurethane sustainable technologies, is the most significant environmental technology launch in KEEN’s history. Combined with KEEN’s ‘one-box’ pilot, this collection is a significant step towards establishing a new industry standard for sustainable footwear. With 77% of Americans concerned about the environmental impact of the products they buy, we’re confident people will think this line is convincing. ”

F2F Tech was born out of KEEN’s fierce commitment to consciously creating shoes that not only encourage people to go out, but simultaneously minimize the negative impact on the planet. KEEN has been researching and working with the waste collected in its shoes since 2007. Specifically, it took two years to develop the F2F technology; the brand has partnered with Huntsman Polyurethane, a world-renowned innovation company, for the development and testing of herbal compounds in footwear.

“The use of agricultural waste in polyurethane is an important step towards the transformation of the supply chain of the footwear industry,” said Steve burge, a British polyurethane expert, who worked with KEEN to develop this technology. “F2F technology not only uses waste from the agricultural industry, but it compensates for the use of petrochemicals, while eliminating the use of chemical solvents. The outsole of these shoes is made up of 51% agricultural waste. And this is only the first step. ”

“While the science and technology behind these shoes is serious business, the product itself is fun and familiar. The Field to Food collection is classic and edgy in appearance – like old school favorites but with a lighter footprint on the planet, ”Workman continued. “It reinforces our commitment to detoxify the planet, while demonstrating that cutting edge technology can be fun and comfortable.”

About KEEN:
Driven by a passion for making the outdoors and jobs accessible to all, KEEN is a family footwear brand founded on values. Portland, Oregon committed to creating original and versatile products, improving life and inspiring outdoor adventures. Founded in 2003, it launched a revolution in the industry with the launch of the Newport adventure sandal. She continues to launch revolutionary products and set new standards for performance, comfort and design while actively working at Detox the Planet. The brand has formalized its commitment to values ​​under the banner of The KEEN Effect. Learn more about

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