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For those in the Norwood area looking for a new winter activity, Nordic skiing may become more appealing, as the Norwood Nordic Association (NNA) and Lone Cone Library have teamed up to collect and offer Nordic rental equipment. .

“Currently, there is a robust selection of boots and poles and a handful of skis. Supply chain issues have slowed the launch of the program and limited the current ski selection. However, NNA will continue to grow its fleet of skis as ski supplies improve,” according to a press release announcing the program last week. “The fleet is limited to adult sizes, but the organization hopes to add a children’s fleet in future years. The intent of the free rental program is to provide library patrons with access to ski equipment and the experience of Nordic skiing on Wrights Mesa.

The rental program took years to prepare, according to the NNA’s Galena Gleason.

“The idea was started four years ago by many members of the Norwood community who expressed an interest in Nordic skiing but did not have access to the equipment. The closest place to rent Nordic skis is in Telluride, which is logistically difficult. As Norwood Nordic Association is a small organization with a limited budget, it took a few years to secure funding,” she explained. “We had an amazing opportunity to purchase a fleet of affordable boots from Bootdoctors, which got the ball rolling. From there, we rebuilt the fleet as grants and membership fees allowed. We have also encountered supply chain shortage issues due to the pandemic. The skis we ordered have been out of stock since last season. We finally received some of the skis this month and have enough fleet to start the program.

Grants from the Lone Cone Legacy Trust, the Telluride Foundation and San Miguel County, along with donations from NNA members, made the program possible, she added. While the ability to rent Nordic equipment is brand new, Gleason thinks the program will be well used, especially given the vast network of trails in the area.

“We anticipate the program will be popular and generate interest in Nordic skiing in our community. The biggest challenge to start skiing is to acquire the equipment. By taking that factor out of the equation, we hope more people will get out there and discover the sport,” she said. “Nordic skiing is a very low impact sport. You can push your physical limits as much or as little as you want. It’s a fantastic way to recreate during the winter months and interact with the environment in a unique way. »

The recently established Busted Arm Draw Nordic Trail System, located approximately 13 miles southeast of Norwood, offers over six miles of groomed and backcountry trails, courtesy of the Norwood Parks and Recreation District, in partnership with NNA . The trail system is under permit with Uncompahgre National Forest and offers scenic trails through ponderosa forests, with views of Lone Cone Peak.

“The Busted Arm Draw trails are holding up well. Despite the lack of snow in January, the slopes currently have enough snow to maintain good quality skiing. The trails are maintained by volunteers from the Norwood Nordic Association, and the team is quite meticulous about making sure the trails are in good condition. In lean snow years like this, it may mean shoveling snow over thin areas to maintain good cover. It’s a labor of love,” Gleason said.

The NNA was established five years ago and has been working to expand Nordic skiing opportunities in Norwood since the organization’s inception, according to the statement. For more information about NNA, including how to become a member, visit

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