‘LPBW:’ Jeremy Roloff provides update on cabin’s ‘exciting progress’

LPBW Jeremy Roloff is making great progress on his latest project. He and his wife, Audrey Roloff, are renovating their cabin. They brought fans on this journey via social media, and he’s back with another update. Keep reading for all the details.

In January, Jeremy gave fans a tour of the cabin via Instagram. In his post, he also revealed what they plan to do with the cabin. He explained, “Our goal is to create a space where couples come to celebrate great moments, families can hang out together, we can host mini-retreats and just create memories.”

Since then, they’ve shared some behind-the-scenes glimpses of the various renovations they’re doing. Looks like they’re quite busy.

At present, LPBW elders Audrey and Jeremy are still focused on projects that need to be completed there. But they check things on their to-do list and prepare everything for visitors in the future.

LPBW: Jeremy Roloff provides an update on the cabin’s “exciting progress”

On his Instagram stories on Friday, Jeremy showed LPBW fans the latest addition to the cabin. They installed a recessed in the entrance. It has four upper racks, a bench and four lower racks. So there is plenty of storage for shoes.

Jeremy hasn’t mentioned it at this point, but it’s possible they’ll add some extra hooks or shelves at the entrance. In his January video, he mentioned wanting a spot in the cabin for visitors to get ready to ski, so this might be a good spot for that.

You can check out the photo below.

LPBW Jeremy Roloff Instagram

Not only are Jeremy and Audrey working on their cabin, but the house they recently bought for themselves is in need of repair. So they have many projects going on at the same time right now. Although the couple have a long to-do list, they seem to enjoy getting their hands dirty and making good progress.

Hopefully they will have another update for LPBW fans very soon. Fans love to see what they do and are surprised at how well they can tackle three young children, Ember, 5, Bode, 2, and Radley, almost 1.

So, do you like the latest addition to the Sun River Cabin? What do you think of all of Jeremy Roloff’s updates so far? Speak out in the comments section below and come back to TV shows for more LPBW family news.

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