Manistee sees 27 inches of snow


Dan Foley joined the ranks of Venus Williams and Aretha Franklin to help the Olympic Torch find its way to Salt Lake City for the 2002 Winter Olympics. Foley, formerly of Onekama, was the first person to wear the torch in New Hampshire at the end of December. He ran his allotted two-tenth of a mile leg after his torch was lit by the previous runner who had crossed the Portsmouth Bridge from Kittery, Maine.


Become solar

At least one family in the city has decided to switch to solar power in an attempt to cut their home’s ever-growing energy bills. The Jerry Jaloszynski family of 438 Third St. have just installed two solar systems in their home, one to heat ambient air and the other to heat domestic hot water. The systems for the house were purchased from The Other Utility Company, of Traverse City. The Company’s solar space heating systems are manufactured by Environmental Energies, Inc., located in Manistee County in Copemish.


Presence in the ski area

As a glut of snow, descending temperatures and poor driving conditions combined to dampen footfall at the Manistee ski area on weekends, some 448 indomitable skiers were recorded over the stormy weekend, according to the report by Les Peterson, regional director. Saturday’s total was 240 and 208 for shovel skiing on Sunday.

The Eskiloos are here

They are finally here! Snyders Shoes is late in shipping Eskiloos Suede and Rubber & Nylon from the United States. They slip over the socks and adjust like tennis shoes. At $ 9.99, the offer is limited!


Fundraising close to goal

As the Red Cross emergency relief campaign nears its local focus, Miss Margaret Duncan, President, today called for continued voluntary contributions in hopes of oversubscribing the 4,100 quota. $.

County land swap

An additional 5,336 acres of state-owned land in Manistee County are being ceded to the US Forest Service in exchange for private land that was purchased by the federal government from state or refugee forests game and conservation deed for the state department, it was announced today by District Ranger Bernard Stout of US Forest Services.


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