Mawarnag Trek: A Soul Awakening Experience

We enjoyed the walk, the wilderness and the beautiful fairy tale landscape. We gave full attention to the filmed comedy between Zahid Kota, Muzzy Lala, Mir Arshid, Tanveer and Imran Sheikh. They made us all laugh, but we carefully negotiated through the rough rocky terrain and climbed the last dizzying ridge.

Around 2:30 am most of us reached lower Mawarnag (elevation – 3824 Mts). We were refreshed and put to sleep by the cool breeze swaying from the turquoise blue lake. The tapestry of wildflowers, pink and magenta of Matchrin Chai (Persicaria Afinis) or Muus Loour as the Gujjars called it, gave the impression that many parts of the shore were decorated with Persian rugs.

After a 45 minute siesta we were too hungry to wait for others and immediately piled on mutton pulav, egg burji and chicken curry.

We fueled up and decided to climb Mawarnag 2 located at an altitude of 3886 Mts. It took us another 20 minutes to cross the rocks and splash the mud to the bottom of Lake Mawarnag 2 mound. Its top offers a spectacular view of the lake.

It was exhilarating. We also had the pleasure of meeting an environmental documentary filmmaker, Jalal Jeelani. It was a treat to watch him do what he does best.

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