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SAN FRANCISCO, CA / ACCESSWIRE / December 30, 2021 / As we all know, technology is at the forefront of innovation in our modern world. Throughout history, improvements in technology have allowed us as a society to communicate better, save time, increase productivity, and overall made life as easy as possible. There is a lot of software involved in our daily lives, in the palm of billions of lives that otherwise would leave us quite lost and confused.

A shoe company that bears the name PR concept has developed an app that penetrates the AR (Augmented Reality) shopping market and is the first of its kind in the footwear industry to do so. For years, going to any shoe store to shop for shoes was an experience in itself, and it never always turned out as expected. Walking for miles to your nearest mall / mall, only to find that what you want is out of stock or not in your size can be a huge disappointment, and overall you will waste precious time. PR concept solved this problem by arranging the exact desired experience you would want in stores and bringing it right into your own home in total comfort.

With RP’s unprecedented mobile 3D technology, you can choose from thousands of styles and brands through the app (iOS and Android compatible), which displays a high-quality rendering of the desired shoe directly on your foot with precision exceptional. Having this feature provides the peace of mind of knowing what the shoe looks like on your own foot without having to worry before it shows up at your doorstep.

PR concept is all about solving the problems of old age. In the footwear industry, being able to have proper authentication to prove that you are buying or selling a real shoe has become a problem in the market, resulting in several customers being scammed. To solve this problem, RP Concept created a proprietary system to authenticate sneakers. The use of dynamic DNA tags, also known as RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) chips, ensures that every product sent to a customer is authenticated, allowing them to resell online or at events without fear of facing the consequences. of fraud.

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