Miley Cyrus sparks hygiene complaints in only underwear and sneakers


Miley Cyrus is told she needs a good scrub – enemies will hate it. The 28-year-old singer comes out of a series of very revealing snaps, those that see her screaming the Gucci brand she wears and posing topless and in only skinny black briefs, as well as the luxury brand’s sneakers.

Posting on Instagram ahead of the weekend, Miley showed off her killer figure in the almost all-skin look, this time stretching from her Gucci 2021 fragrance debut and plugging in the designer’s shoes. Looks like fans are suggesting the hit-maker “Prisoner” needs a bath.

Miley Cyrus Stuns In Underwear For Gucci

Scroll down for the photos, those shared with Miley’s 151 million followers. She had gotten both sexy and wacky while showing off her famous ripped figure in a closet full of boots, shoes and a glittery blue Gucci dress. Cyrus, initially posing in a cropped black tank top and matching briefs, donned a pair of distressed-looking Gucci sneakers bearing the brand’s logo, also pulling up her underwear and lifting her lip – the signature finish.

Everything became more revealing, however, as the blonde took off her top for a shirtless finish. Miley, however, stayed within Instagram’s non-nudity rules by cupping her breasts to protect her modesty.

See photos below

Also rocking her curly, partly tied blonde hair, the “Midnight Sky” singer sent out hard abs and toned legs, writing, “The shoe that sold itself.”

Over 2 million likes have been left, including those of Bravo star Lisa Rinna, 58, cookbook queen Chrissy Teigen and model Irina Shayk. It was a different story on The Daily Mail, however, where users had other thoughts. See them after the gallery below, where you can swipe.

Being told she needs a wash

The users here appeared to be wearing their trolling hats. “Needs a strong scrub and a flea bath ASAP!” a popular commentary read. One response also won over 100 upvotes: “Probably needs a hot bath and a good dose of antibiotics.”

“Oh my God… She needs a bath,” added a third, joining in the bullying. Miley made headlines in 2020 for revealing that she had only washed her hair twice in four months on COVID.

Fortunately, not everyone was there to overshadow the singer. One fan wrote: “Iconic images. She is so brave and courageous.

Miley joins the long list of celebrities who now face big designer brands. Singer Ariana Grande has been hooked by Givenchy, pop star Justin Bieber is the head of Balenciaga and YouTuber Emma Chamberlain is all with Louis Vuitton.

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