New Adidas Hachiko sneakers pay homage to famous Shibuya loyal dog


The third version of the Adidas x Atmos Shibuya pack promoting Tokyo’s urban culture to the world.

Global sports brands have spoiled Japanese customers over the years with exclusive kicks dedicated to Super Mario, Godzilla, and even Hello Kitty. Now sports giant Adidas is paying homage to a real-life Japanese character with their latest sneaker version, and it’s just called “Hachiko“.

For those who don’t know the story behind the name, grab the handkerchiefs. Hachiko was a Akita dog who would be wait every day in front of Shibuya station for his master, professor at the University of Tokyo, to return home. One fateful day in 1925, however, the professor did not return home, as he died of a brain hemorrhage while working, yet Hachiko was sitting there waiting for his master, returning to the station. day after day to faithfully await his return.

â–¼ Unfortunately, her master never returned, and Hachiko waited outside the station every day until her death nine years later.

Hachiko’s touching story went on to inspire books and films, including a Hollywood film titled Hachi: a dog story, with Richard Gere. Hachiko is still remembered to this day with a statue on the grounds of the University of Tokyo and a statue outside Shibuya Station, where one of the exits is also named after her.

â–¼ Now the loyal dog is remembered with a new pair of Adidas sneakers, created in collaboration with Harajuku-based sneaker store atmos.

The new sneakers are the third edition of the limited edition “Shibuya Pack” created by Adidas and atmos.

The first installment of the Shibuya pack was Yoyogi Park, which captures the city park in autumnal hues …

And the second was Jeans, inspired by casual American urban fashion, often seen on the streets of Shibuya, where she is known as Amekaji.

In our opinion, none of these sneakers capture Shibuya’s heart and soul like the new Hachiko model, which also bears the name Superstar dog, as they are based on the Adidas Superstar model, but feature a hairy surface to resemble Hachiko’s fur.

The tongue of each shoe features a silver plaque engraved with the trefoil logo, while the midsole reveals another nod to Hachiko – the address of Dogenzaka where his statue is located outside the station. from Shibuya.

Over the years, Hachiko has become a well-known symbol of Shibuya, so it is normal for the famous dog to appear in the Shibuya pack. And to add to the heartwarming nature of Hachiko’s story, part of the proceeds from the sale of the shoes will be donated to Shibuya as part of the “Shibuya District Official Souvenir Project”To help the neighborhood. Official goods affiliated with the project bear the “You do shibuya”Logo mark, and this logo appears on the insole of the shoes.

The Hachiko sneakers retail for 15,400 yen (US $ 139.92), and given that demand is expected to be high, they will be available for purchase through a lottery system, with applications being accepted online until 8:59 a.m. on September 17th. According to the official website, the lottery is only open to people in Japan, and participants will be able to see if they were successful starting at 9:00 a.m. on September 18 through their online registration page.

These will definitely be a sought after pair of kicks, especially with an atmosphere comparing them to ‘Hachiko’s resurrection’, so good luck getting your hands on them and your feet in them! If you miss, you can always console yourself with these sneakers from Asics, which combine the beauty of Mount Fuji with the traditional art of ukiyo-e in honor of the Tokyo Marathon.

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