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Dear Héloïse: I have a suggestion for those who like to cut out clippings from event logs. First, don’t cut it off the page, as you will lose the date, post, and other information. I looked at my own birth announcement in the 1964 newspaper and was amazed at the prices of things like groceries and shoes.

It was as if a piece of history had been saved for me. But he also checked the time of my birth (2:43), the name of the newspaper and the city where I was born. As I was adopted later, this was very important information for me that my birth mother had kept and passed on to my adoptive parents. – Eve B., Newport, RI



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Dear Héloïse: My husband and I had planned a trip to France, but COVID put an end to this trip. Now we have changed our plans and hope to make the trip in September 2022. During this time we have taken French lessons and are talking to each other at home.

We usually do this when planning a trip to a foreign country so that we can talk to the locals. It really makes the trip more fun and people appreciate that you at least try to speak their language while you are in their country. – Frances and Vernon H., Farrell, Pennsylvania


Dear Héloïse, Some gift holidays are just around the corner, and for many people, that means a stressful holiday. Instead of giving a present, why not give that special someone a letter offering to take her fishing (maybe on the first day of summer), or take her to dinner anywhere she charges. $ 100 for a bottle of wine, or offer to do your laundry and ironing for a week? There are a lot of creative ideas out there, but a little bit of ourselves is what a lot of people, especially the elderly, want the most. – Rose T., Chatham, Massachusetts


Dear Héloïse: I have a neighbor who is retired and likes to spend all day in his garden. His garden is still very neat, but money is a bit tight for him. As a Christmas present last year (which came from Santa, not me), he received several mesh bags of assorted bulbs to plant in the spring. He was thrilled with excitement. This year, Santa Claus brings him a gift card to a local nursery so he can get what he wants. For people who love to work in their garden, flower bulbs are a joy to receive. – Santa’s Help, Austin, Texas

Help from Santa, yes, anything related to a person’s hobby is often welcomed by the recipient of that special gift. – Heloise


Dear Héloïse, There are a number of mustache combs and brushes available online and in stores. Some are rather expensive. One day while examining my toothbrush I tried brushing my mustache with it and found it to work better (and much cheaper) than a mustache brush I had just bought. ‘to buy. Since that day, I don’t use anything else on my mustache except for a new inexpensive medium toothbrush. – Jordan W., Ashland, Wisconsin

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