O’Neal Sierra Pro Boot Review [Adventure Motorcycle Footwear]

I only wear comfortable protective gear the first time I put it on, and the O’Neal Sierra Pro Adventure Motorcycle Boots have just the right amount of flexibility and protective elements that I’m looking for in that kind of shoes. The namesake of 1960s motocross racing phenomenon Jim O’Neal, O’Neal USA has been making all-terrain clothing since the 1970s. The Sierra Pro boots are born out of that experience and show it.

O'Neal Sierra Pro Boot Review: Price

The Sierra Pro stands 14 inches tall with a nine inch waterproof liner to keep your feet dry as you check the depth of the rocky cove in front of you. Most of the boots are made of leather, with suede microfiber and TPU protection added to the mix. There is TPU molded into the shin, heel, and foot areas.

O'Neal Sierra Pro Boot Review: For Sale

Remember that adventure boots are designed to protect your feet, ankles and shin from accidental knocks, not the crushing blows that a full MX boot is designed to absorb – O’Neal will sell you its RDX boots. 2.2 for this. The tradeoff of protection is that you can comfortably ride, stand, walk, hike, and hang out in these boots all day for weeks or months at a time. There are matching shifter pads on top of the heavy duty skid boxes. The shifter pads and all seams that experience tensile pressure are double-stitched.

O'Neal Sierra Pro Boot Review: Adventure Motorcycle Shoes

For my foot feel, the Sierra Pro is a D width boot; I’m a Brannock device measured in width D. The boot fits me comfortably with an athletic tubular sock. When I add a thick calf-height winter sock over the tubular sock it becomes uncomfortably tight across the width and instep. I rode for three hours at 38 degrees, 50-65 MPH unprotected, and my toes didn’t get cold with just a tubular sock.

I also took a walk on the snowy grass to check the grip of the sole. Unless you plan on playing snow all day, tubular socks, or better yet, dedicated motorcycle socks, should be fine. The height of the toe box is ideal for going under the shifter on the Ultimate motorcycle Yamaha Ténéré 700 project bike. However, if you have a high arch or wear extra thick socks, you will need to adjust the size of the O’Neal Sierra Pro boots you purchase.

The rubber sole has a deep chevron pattern, similar to an ADV tire tread pattern, with the inverted chevron heel. The sole adds a little over an inch to my crotch. This sole thickness is very useful for touching the ground almost flat on the Ténéré 700.

The insole is nylon with a steel shank. The steel rod supports my 195 pounds standing for hours on the ankles without bending or transferring pressure to my arch.

O'Neal Sierra Pro Boot Review: ADV Motorcycle Shoes

Two metal buckles pull on the adjustable straps to keep your foot secure without constriction and at your preferred fit. Above the buckles is a wide hook-and-loop strap to secure the upper folding shin guard.

O'Neal Sierra Pro Boot Review: MSRP

After voluntarily walking several miles in the boots, I found that the placement of the buckles and instep gusset kept the sides of the boot from wrinkling in my personal sore spot, just above my bone. of the outer ankle.

Adventure riding and the gear that protects us while we do it gets a lot of attention. The O’Neal Sierra Pro reflects decades of experience; it is a durable and comfortable adventure boot at an attractive price.

Fast facts on the O’Neal Sierra Pro boots

O’Neal Sierra Pro Boots Price: $ 230 MSRP

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