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A Letter from our CEO Hundley Elliotte

Friends and Partners,

Tidewater + Associates announced on February 1st, 2018 that it completed its investment in shoe manufacturer P.W. Minor. The current CEO, Peter Zeliff, will transition from CEO to board member. I, Hundley Elliotte, a member of Tidewater’s leadership team, will step in as managing CEO.

Founded in 1867, P.W. Minor is the country’s second oldest shoe manufacturer. We currently operates three key brands: P.W. Minor, Abram Boot Company and the Batavia Boot & Shoe Company. Its subsidiary Minor Brothers Boot and Shoe Manufacturer develops and manufactures product for several of the country’s leading brands.

Three and a half years ago, P.W. Minor began a comprehensive process of overhauling its manufacturing capabilities with state of the art machinery and equipment to increase efficiency and reduce environmental impact. This change has enabled the company to compete on the global stage, without losing touch with its history of craftsmanship and its concern for the environment.

As an organization, Tidewater + Associates charter is to ‘Grow Good.’ We believe there are significant opportunities to scale P.W. Minor’s social and environmental benefits through its current core brands and to embark on new brand developments. The organization’s legacy of craftsmanship and capabilities to deliver product sustainably can be leveraged to expand and grow the brand base. There is extraordinary potential to create comfortable and protective product while also being a champion for sustainability in the footwear world.

On handing the reigns to Tidewater + Associates, Peter Zeliff remarked, “We have made significant progress turning this business around, I now feel that it is the right time to step away from my day-to-day involvement and I’m extremely confident in Tidewater’s ability to guide this business to the next level of success.”

We’ve made significant changes to our Core Orthopedic manufacturing processes since taking over in Early February. We’ve been able to consistently triple production, increase quality, lighten our shoes where necessary, and put out a consistently better, Made in America, product. Our inventory levels are in a position where our retailers, clinics, and consumers can have confidence in our ability to produce and ship in their desired timeframe. We have a lot of work to do, but we’re extremely positive and confident of the direction this classic American footwear brand is headed.

Hundley Elliotte