Pasadena Tree Services Adds Bucket Truck and Climbing Boots to Tree Care Equipment

Pasadena, California – A company that has worked hard to provide its customers with maximum security, Pasadena Tree Services invested in a new bucket truck. During the announcement earlier today, the CEO mentioned that the new truck comes with climbing boots.

“While Pasadena Tree Services handles tree removal procedures from time to time,” said Pasadena Tree Services CEO, “the company is primarily focused on assisting homeowners with trimming and pruning of trees. The only time the company deals with tree removal is when other procedures cannot save the tree, or when the tree prevents an owner from starting a development project immovable.

The CEO noted that the new bucket truck would allow tree trimming and pruning crews to easily manage both tree maintenance procedures. He added that the company could also undertake more than one project simultaneously.

“When it comes to tree pruning and pruning,” the CEO said, “Pasadena Tree Services is the go-to company for many homeowners in this part of California. Every day the company can receive more Since one of the company’s promises to owners is that they will get the services the same day they request them, the company had to add a new bucket truck to its tool list. .

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“The new machine will allow the company to create two separate teams for pruning and tree trimming,” the CEO said. “With each team having all the tools they need to perform a complicated pruning or tree pruning procedure, the company will have the ability to handle at least two procedures at the same time.”

The CEO noted that he also saw the need to add climbing shoes for team members. He said while bucket trucks allow crews to quickly perform tree maintenance procedures, some trees do not allow the use of the bucket truck when pruning and pruning trees.

“Take a standing tree in a very enclosed area,” said the CEO of Pasadena Tree Services. “It could be a tree standing in the backyard and blocked by other utilities. In such a situation, it may not be possible to use the bucket truck for tree trimming due to inaccessibility – but does that mean the tree won’t experience the health benefits – and aesthetic appeal – brought about by pruning and pruning?The answer is no, and that’s where it comes in. climbing shoes.

The CEO noted that in situations where bucket trucks are inoperable, teams would use climbing boots. When asked if using boots, given the extra time needed to reach the crown compared to using the bucket truck, would increase tree maintenance costs, the CEO said his company would maintain an affordable price.

“The company understands that it takes longer to prune a tree when using the climbing boots to reach the crown,” its CEO said. “However, this does not mean that the company can take advantage of the extra time to overload its customers. Customers can expect the most affordable prices for tree trimming, tree trimming, tree felling, and other services offered by Pasadena Tree Services.

The physical offices of Pasadena Tree Services are located at 624 W Howard St Pasadena, CA, 91103. If you would like to request tree service while relaxing at home, call 626-790-1414 or email at [email protected]

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