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Leisure Time DX2 Stable Walker Strap - Black
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Leisure Time DX2 Stable Walker Strap - Black




Our First Generation Leisure Time DX2 Strap Stable Walker. Built on our award winning C-2050 last, these Double Depth Oxford's provide the ultimate stability, comfort and flexibility in a stylish and well-crafted shoe. This version also includes a velcro strap to assist those individuals who suffer from arthrits and want a firm, secure fastening for their shoes.

This Leisure Time includes our Geta Shank rocker shank to provide assistance through the gait cycle for individuals who struggle to flex their feet while walking. 

Two precision EVA inlays are included with the purchase to dial in your fit and comfort while wearing a brace, orthotic or any other foot corrective device. Our super comfortable insert is also removable for the ultimate flexibility. 

The Leisure Time DX2 is coded A5500 for use by Medicare and is great for people who need diabetic footwear, help with their gait and want a super comfortable pair of shoes.  

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