Restoration plan for old Norwich Boots set to move forward


Plans to turn a former Boots chemist into a restaurant and takeout are expected to be approved by the advisers.

Boots Pharmacy on Colman Road in Eaton closed during the pandemic last year, despite protests from councilors and neighbors.

The high street brand pharmacy closed in August 2020, after choosing not to renew its unit’s lease.

Earlier this year, plans were filed with Norwich City Council to convert the old unit into a new restaurant and takeout, adding to the four dining venues already on the parade.

However, it would be the only place in the parade that offered people the option to dine, with Greggs, East Chinese, Domino’s, and Papa John’s only take-out.

And on Thursday, Cengiz Ceker’s plans to turn it into The Sultan Restaurant and Coffee Shop will go to the council’s planning committee, with officers recommending doing so.

If approved, the site will create six full-time and five part-time jobs, open from 6 a.m. to midnight seven days a week.

After the request was filed, a handful of objections from neighbors were sent to council, citing concerns about restaurant noise, customer parking and the number of outlets already in operation during the parade.

One person wrote: “Right now we enjoy the quiet in the morning. Allowing the premises to open at 6 a.m. after only closing at 12 a.m. means a constant addition of noise preventing people from sleeping later. and get them up early. “

The restaurant is said to offer seating for 80 people, with documents submitted with the offer suggesting the owners expect the majority of patrons to dine there.

It was not revealed at this point what type of food would be served, although the documents add that there will be halal options available.

In her report recommending approval of the program, case manager Lara Emerson wrote: “It has been confirmed by the requester that the majority of clients will dine there and, indeed, the submitted sitemap shows that there would be about 80 seats in the restaurant. “

Advisers will review the request on Thursday.

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