Review: Shoes Udog Tensione Pure Black

The Tensione Pure Blacks from Udog are a comfortable pair of cycling shoes thanks to an excellent sole shape and upper that wraps around your feet, with the laces providing even pressure distribution. The sole is a little soft, however, which makes them a little less desirable for those who put out a lot of power.

The Tensiones share many of the design elements of Udog’s more expensive Cimas for a fraction of the money – £90 less, to be precise.

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Starting from the bottom, the biggest difference is the sole material. The Cimas use carbon fiber which gives a very stiff sole without adding weight, while the Tensiones use a composite of carbon and nylon, something you often see on shoes around this price point.

The profile of the sole is great. It curves well, putting material under my foot exactly where I want it, especially under the arch, without it being too pronounced.

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black - cou-de-pied.jpg

Switching to the carbon/nylon sole after wearing the Cimas did show some flexibility though, especially when riding hard or climbing out of the saddle. A few times this caused hot spots above the cleat area during hard exertion, but it wasn’t a big deal most of the time. Basically, if you’re a racer or put on big numbers, you won’t find all the stiffness you want here.

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Other than that, there is little to criticize. There is a ventilation channel underneath to keep the sole of your foot cool and they will accept any three-bolt cleat design.

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black - sole.jpg

The toe and heel bumpers aren’t as pronounced as most, which can make life a bit tricky if you’re walking on anything other than a smooth surface.

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black - heel sole.jpg


The upper is created from a 3D engineered mesh and it’s a real blend of strength and sturdiness, while still being flexible enough for comfort.

Probably the most notable feature of the Tensiones is the Tension Wrap System (TWS), which Udog says hugs the metatarsal area of ​​your foot from instep to bridge. The lace passes through it to tension the system.

UDOG Tensione Pure Black 2022 - detail.jpg

The upper wraps well around the foot I must say. I found these shoes very pleasant to wear from this point of view on long journeys. However, it’s hard to define what difference the TWS makes to the overall fit, compared to other lace up shoes I have.


Udog chose flat, pressed laces to leave no air inside, which he says prevents them from loosening while you ride. Everything seems to work as I never had to mess with the tension once I started riding, and they give even pressure up and down the lacing pattern.

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black - laces.jpg

The tied portion of the laces can be tucked into a small flap behind the tongue to keep them out of reach of the bottom bracket or cranks.

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black - lace covers.jpg

At the rear of the shoe, you get a reinforced heel that supports and uses a kind of rubberized material to grip and prevent your heel from lifting during the pedal stroke.

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black - heels.jpg

As far as build quality goes, the Udogs are excellent. All component sections are joined or glued perfectly, showing no excess glue or anything.

A toe cover protects the front from scuffs and the upper material is easy to clean after a wet ride.

2022 UDOG Tensione Pure Black - toe.jpg


At £130, the Tensiones are the same price as the Sundried shoes I tested a few weeks ago. The Sundrieds have a TPU sole, which was very flexible, and the size was very different, which is not a problem with the Udogs. The quality of finish of the Tensiones is also much higher.

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The Mistral shoes from Northwave also come with laces and are priced at £144.99. I tested them last year and thought they were good value for money for a shoe with a full carbon fiber sole; it is also compatible with Speedplay pedals.


Overall, the build quality of the Tensiones is excellent, as is the shape and fit, and there are some neat design touches here that help justify the price considering it’s not a an entirely carbon fiber sole.


The sole is a bit flexible at full power, but very well made and comfortable shoes

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Brand and model : Shoes Udog Tensione Pure Black

Tell us what the product is for

Udog says, “Cycling is pushing and pulling pedals for hours. So we designed and developed the first-ever cycling shoe that follows your feet as you go.

TENSIONE is the very first shoe that wraps your feet from the bottom up.

Light, fast and totally supportive. Train and run in comfort.”

Tell us a bit more about the technical aspects of the product?

From Udog:


Tension envelope system. A comfortable and supportive shoe is the basis of a good ride.

We designed TENSIONE creating 18 points of contact between the upper and your feet. Introducing the Tension Wrap System, a dynamic metatarsal system that hugs the metatarsal area of ​​your feet from instep to bridge for an optimal fit.

The Tension Wrap system allows for a more controlled power transfer to the pedal. It supports your foot for total comfort throughout the pedal stroke.

Become one with your shoe.

Comfort and superior

The shoe was developed with comfort in mind. The design is consciously minimal, eliminating all hardware, plastic and metal parts, which create pressure points. The complex lace closure system allows UDOG to use softer and more comfortable upper materials compared to standard cycling shoes by minimizing seams. The upper is made of innovative 3D technical mesh, the material is light, soft and breathable.


The laces have been carefully selected and tested to identify the best laces for a high performance cycling shoe. Traditional laces tend to shed while pedaling, which is why TENSIONE uses proprietary laces that are flat and pressed, firm with no air inside, creating a rope knot effect that ensures the best fit of the shoe for races the toughest critiques to the longest endurance races.


It looks unique because comfort is crucial.

We’ve spent hundreds of hours prototyping and testing TENSIONE in the real world.

With a generous toe box that offers extraordinary freedom and comfort. The heel shape is deep and narrow with an innovative construction to eliminate stitches in the most sensitive area of ​​your feet.


At our shoe base, we designed and developed a carbon and nylon composite outsole with a directed ventilation channel, an integrated rubber heel and toe caps for added durability. A large metatarsal platform for easy cleat engagement. A stiff, high-performance outsole designed for consistent stiffness along the foot; ensuring optimal power transfer linked to a breathable, soft and comfortable upper. Stiffness index 7.0


TENSIONE’s minimalist design eliminates all plastic and metal parts, seams, uses the most advanced materials to create an ultra-comfortable, supportive and lightweight product. As cyclists, we know how important weight is on all components of the bike, especially shoes. With 245 grams in size 42, TENSIONE is by far the lightest shoe in its category. Saving you at least 50-200 grams compared to traditional shoes at the same price.

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Is the product easy to maintain? How did it react to the wash?

They clean up easily after wet rides.

Tell us how the product performed overall when used as intended

A good set of all-around road shoes for everyone but the most powerful sprinter.

Tell us what you particularly liked about the product

Comfortable upper.

Tell us what you particularly disliked about the product

Sole a little flexible.

How does the price compare to similar products on the market, including those recently tested on

They are the same price as the Sundried road shoes, although the Udogs are better made, better specified and more comfortable. Northwave’s lace-up offerings are just £15 more, but come with a much stiffer carbon fiber sole if that’s what you need.

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The Udog Tensione is a good road shoe, although it lacks stiffness in the sole compared to some similarly priced options that come with carbon fiber. The build quality and comfort, however, give the Udogs a boost in the overall standings.

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