Rich Paul has a new signature sneaker. No seriously

Look, it’s 2021. Gone are the days when athletes were the only names to care about iconic sneakers or even player exclusives.

These days you have music stars like Kanye West and designers like Virgil Abloh who not only design sneakers for business but put their signature on them as well. And, often, they look better in public than the iconic athletic sneakers.

But, uh, an agent with a signature shoe? Nah, this is crazy. But it still happens.

NBA super agent Rich Paul is said to have a sneaker bearing his name from New Balance and I’ve never seen anything like it before.

His stamp is on the New Balance 550. I really can’t believe it’s a thing.

I’m not sure what’s most amazing here: whether it’s actually one thing or whether it’s actually good enough.

Sneakers fans reacted to both.

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Of course, some people were still baffled that an agent had a sneaker.

New Balance hasn’t just gotten more Klutch Sports customers – they’ve got THE Klutch Sports customer themselves. It’s wild.

This shoe is great, however.

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